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Hello from Perth


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A Big Hello to all members here,

After 30 years I am back and for the moment do alot of research and reading trying to catch up on Betta. Thirty years ago, the betta I kept are not for the sole purpose of "looking good" but for a less peaceful purpose...the less peaceful the better and now I am in Australia, we do not encurage violent Well, with an occassion Roadrage and now Beachrage..ha..ha. hence there are now more options. I am trying to look for that option by first, post here and then MSM the future friends of "Killers"...hi..hi..sorry, I should say displace Betta, nice and colourful Betta with an "Angry Management" issue. Hope to learn more from you the Betta lovers and what a WoW, WoW in the land of Betta after thirty years, made possible with the internet.



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Welcome to the forum, I have learnt a great deal by browsing the betta fighting forums even though I do not participate in it myself...

I am also a goldfish fan! Ryukin are not my thing but I absolutely love orandas. I also love koi but they are illegal in my state. Do you have any images?

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Thank you everyone,

Matt, I noted that you call your betta as Ninja(or yourselves?) the Showa line of koi I call Ninja and the center peacock endler guppy that I call Ninja. I am not sure we can call a goldfish Ninja becuase somehow this does not fit well with goldfish, they got somewhat floaty personality ie eat and float, eat and float. I am fascinated with the Top View Ranchu of Japan and wish to own some. Recently, Mr white stork came and ate all of goldfish from the pond outside, only the childrent of the ryukin and Ranchu survived becuase they live some where else. The Ranchu childrent parents were from Thai/Land ans some of them got single tail and some got dosal fin for which I think the inheritant was not clean..ha..ha..BTW how do you post picture in this forum? thnaks


Any connection with the "shadow warrior" ie the Ninja?..hi..hi There is the smoky dark gray Betta fighter(plakat not the fancy varieties)that I am trying to get. I would like very much you get poeple in this forum moral opinions on the issue of Betta "Plakat"(fighting). Bettarazzi, what do you think?

MT Syndrome(Multi Tasks Syndrome) ie talking on the phone, answering emails and SMS at the same time..?

How chronic are you? hope it will not turned into a Relatyionship breaker..hi..hi.ther was a famous saying..we like what we like and hopfully we will find someone that likes the things we likes...found that someone?

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No no its a self title *lol* Do you still have the single tail ranchus? I was looking for some at one time :D I love all the top view types as well.

I myself think that betta fighting is fine in the countries that it originated in. Its how we got the betta and its part of their culture. In Australia though I believe it shouldn't be done, its the same as dog fighting and I believe it is cruel.

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Old Pictures of me?..ha..ha..just kidding, what would you like to see? koi, endlers. I do not take pictures of goldfish becuase they're just...Goldfish...there were no pictures of the old betta either becuase 30 years ago a picture would cost more than my Betta figther collection(that was in the mother country)

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