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  1. that ok Sir, we will get there...... buy the way....do you know anything about forum servers and what we may need for a new forum.....I need help over there.....that way.....if you could please ask around.....I am sure you have mates who does.....thank you Mr Rod.
  2. Delete, Why? I remember when I first start with Wingei I was actually looking for cold water guppy to put into my koi filter tanks....two months later I ended up with some horrid, appalling, sorry looking bunch of Endlers you ever seen.....then things changed as I go deeper....if anyone have a chance please ask Kev and let him tell you what Pure Wingei look like and why all the fuss are all about......you could say that the wingei keepers is a bunch of fanatic and idiotic as far as to why they would get a second job than sale, give their wingei stock to a wrong person......One word....Respect.
  3. Yes, you are correct James....please ignore my posts.....
  4. I am sorry but it is impossible to compile a list of Wingei and Endlers keepers in Australia as the Wingei keepers will just not going to distributed their fish freely just becuase of $ as they fear that as soon as they releasing their "Jewels" fish will immedaitelly get hybridise and "Evil" keepers will just keep on cheat and lies about the purity of stocks as per Europe and US. If you dont like the infor on the net then My only sugeestion to you is to Go to EndlersUSA forum and read the whole site start from the begining....there is no movie version for this...hihihi...
  5. i think the most obvious person to ask for fish is Mr Rod.....as a collector he has the biggest collection and he know most breeders and all things that related to Endlers and Wingei. If you wish to know more then why not use the universal translator "google" and type in Endlers Livebearer or Poecilia Wingei.....it will take you a month to read all that infor...hihi..
  6. Do you know that those males with a small dot at the base of the tail, technically known as Top Yellow Sword 2004 and can be isolated and create into a separate strain than the Flame Tail.
  7. Irsacae, All these time and you finally surfaced here.....I am talking to the fish...hihihi. The above pic are Flame Tail Wingei and you said you also got Black Bar, Redchest and Original Peacock? If you have time please take some pictures and show us. That was three years ago when I first spoken to you. Regards Kanga
  8. If it was not for J Ha. I would not have my Plakat nor my Dragon Plakat and soon my Giant Dragon Plakat and the joy he bring after my tour to all of the local fish shops. I was looking for a seller and I found J Ha and the very first page he said he not send interstates but by 59 pages he sent to Perth...hooray...J Ha is now my Plakat friend and he is number one with Customer Services in my book and he does not get upset when I tell a bad joke(how many AND have i used so far?)...BTW he did gave me free fish....Now do get another free fish?...ha..ha.. just joking Ba.n Thank you Kanga
  9. It is must be my bad luck that haunted this site. As I just registered and Lilli stop keeping Betta. Hey, thirty years is not long. I came back. And now the world is not just with Siam Plakat and that yucky..long tails..we're now got crown tail(I called them drag Queens)and there the Dragon and there is the half moon and full moon(that the thing we do in high school when we full out pants down..ha..ha)they are lovely but...Na...give me a plakat or may be a Dragon plakat...Thanks
  10. So...Mr J Ha..Ha. if I to give you a good review then I get a free fish, is that right? is this after or before the review? and I would get two free fish if I give you two "good" reviews...soon you be dead broke..ha..ha..Dude, hang around for my reviews....ha..ha. Regards Kanga
  11. Old Pictures of me?..ha..ha..just kidding, what would you like to see? koi, endlers. I do not take pictures of goldfish becuase they're just...Goldfish...there were no pictures of the old betta either becuase 30 years ago a picture would cost more than my Betta figther collection(that was in the mother country)
  12. Thank you everyone, Matt, I noted that you call your betta as Ninja(or yourselves?) the Showa line of koi I call Ninja and the center peacock endler guppy that I call Ninja. I am not sure we can call a goldfish Ninja becuase somehow this does not fit well with goldfish, they got somewhat floaty personality ie eat and float, eat and float. I am fascinated with the Top View Ranchu of Japan and wish to own some. Recently, Mr white stork came and ate all of goldfish from the pond outside, only the childrent of the ryukin and Ranchu survived becuase they live some where else. The Ranchu children
  13. Additional, I am into koi, Endlers guppy and now back to Betta. Oh, i also got gold fish Ranchu and Ryukin.
  14. A Big Hello to all members here, After 30 years I am back and for the moment do alot of research and reading trying to catch up on Betta. Thirty years ago, the betta I kept are not for the sole purpose of "looking good" but for a less peaceful purpose...the less peaceful the better and now I am in Australia, we do not encurage violent Well, with an occassion Roadrage and now Beachrage..ha..ha. hence there are now more options. I am trying to look for that option by first, post here and then MSM the future friends of "Killers"...hi..hi..sorry, I should say displace Betta, nice and colourful
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