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David's 45 CM Marine Cube


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Okay, So it seems that there is a lot more progress on the marine than initially thought. So I've started it's own thread.

Here's how it is now. David, Jordan and I went down to Rye and picked up some snails, found some goby fish (which survived until we put them into the tank, too hot today!) and found two shrimp!


Got a new coral today, Green finger. We saved it from the back tank of Mentone Aquarium, poor guy was dying. Did a bit of a re-arrange, the Duncan wasn't very happy in full flow. Will move the open brains to the sand coz apparently they do better.




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Fishing licences darling :) I've had one since I was 18, been fishing almost every week since conception haha!


Snails are considered as a mollusc under victoria, with a bag limit of 5 litres.

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zoas are awesome. just added some to the tank.

Will post up some new pics soon!

Got some trac's

here they are at night (no lights on)


here they are normally


got a pair of clowns and a small hammer. There was a hitch hiking sea fan and a clam on it too. Don't think the clam will survive, but we'll see how it goes.

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Duncan's aren't really liking the high flow, but they are stuck there now ):

Going to possibly purchase a new 3 ft tank :D and if the starphire cube doesn't sell we're gunna drill it/get an overflow box and use it as a frag tank.

Super excited.

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Update on my tank.

Got some new corals and made a frag rack. Dosed some hardcore calcium- apparently you can overdose it haha.. so had to do a 50% water change. thankfully things are coming back to normal again.

Some pics of night time and with the MH at 50%



Frag rack- Egg crate superglued onto the back of a magnet cleaner. kinda so we can move it around in the light. Didn't do a very good job of the soft corals, turns out the tissue around the frags die and they un attach ):


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