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Oh dear...


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I had to fly home for a funeral for 5 days and left my husband in charge of my fish...

On the way home from the airport he tells me that "a little white one has died" (male hmpk). I was upset, but if there were going to be deaths, atleast it was only one.

I got home, said hello to my dogs, put my bags down and checked my fish (this was at about 11.30pm).....

O M G !!!

I could barely even see any of my fish their water was so cloudy and thick!!! He had MAJORLY over fed them!!! It took all my patients NOT to yell at him because he was pretty disappointed about the little white one dying. I didn't want to be the bad guy lol

I stayed up until about 1am changing all of their water. I know it isn't advised to do 100% waterchanges (although mine was about a 99% waterchange), but those poor little fish needed it!

I went to bed upset because I knew it didn't look good for my fishies, and I thought that I would wake up to a morgue.

Thankfully they all seem to be ok, but it's going to take a while to get things back to normal.

Ahhhh husbands...you can't live with them, but you can't live without them LOL

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Usually, when I'm away and have to ask someone for feeding, I make a couple of small sachets containing just one portion of feeding. One for each day. Then, the feeder will only need to open up 1 sachet per feeding per tank. That way, you somehow control the amount of feeding too :)

Might worth a try in the future :)

Glad to hear they survived though. Perhaps IAL can help them.

For all I know, the only reason not to do 100% water changes is because the water chemistry would be too different. But if you can keep temperature, pH and hardness the same, I don't see why not. Especially in the shows and all that, we put 100% new water into the display beanie boxes, since all our water are browns :lol:

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Welcome home Mellisa

I think you should send Ben up to my place for a cheer up beer LOL. He would be kicking himself hard on lossing that fish, but your back now and there as safe as houses What you got planed to spawn?



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