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My Super Delta Males (Pics)


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Thanks guys. I also love no. 2. It was a choice between a Red butterfly male or him. I chose him because he had better form compare to the other one in the shop. Uniform blue and red wash all around as well.

He will definitely be in my breeding stock along side with my betta avatar photo profile.


I have a female HM that I got from Melbourne betta (Mrs Comis san) sister of the Red Salamander that was bred with red CT. I hope they paired up nicely.

If they don't, I'll do some hunting around and find a female that had similar blue wash on him.

What blue do you think No. 2 is? Royal blue? or Turquoise blue?

I'm not familiar with the technical colour part of Bettas.

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Noice fish Drajit! Looks like number 2 and 3 would reach HM given daily exercise/flaring routines... Trust me, it's definitely achievable. Number 2 is royal blue. 3 is steel..... Pretty confident on these ones... However, that comes with a fineprint asterisk... "in these pictures".... Coz the apparent colour can change depending on the amount and type of lighting... and if there is a metallic gene playing with the appearance of the blue colour.

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Train him hard with flaring sensei, and over about 2-3 weeks you'll see a difference. Remember to keep him carded when not training so that they don't get too accustomed to one another. I'd recommend a couple of seesions a day (eg while you have breakfast and dinner) and for about 1/2 hour. Train hard young master, and you will succeed!

No retreat, no surrender!

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I also had started the training regime for my other young HM male.

Before, he had some issues with swimming straight because he had to swim across dense vegetation in the community tank.

Also, he had more finnage than body size, he is slow on the starter block.

Since, I started him on this flaring training, his movement is improving slightly. He looks better at the turn but his dorsal fin technique need more improvement.

He is teaming up with another wrestler next door who is a gladiator of his own right. Twice his age and body size but Less stricter than my blue PK male.

Two contender training with different Sensei.

The other male with blue PK male had chicken out after 2 minutes flare training with PK male.

I had changed now to reflection flaring to boost his self confidence up.

Occasionally, I remove the card for him to do some extra training with PK male.

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Here is another male betta that I have.

Couldn't decide whether to breed him yet. I always change my mind in the last minute and go for the other males.

Apologise for the blurriness and the brightness of the photo (Had to use flash because my room was quite dark when I took the photo).

Still working out the angle of the camera to get the sharp look.


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