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  1. Wait... "solo wrapping" Um I'm sure there's a perfectly civilised answer for this. Isn't there?
  2. Hmm. I reckon even if they gave similar colours, or failing that, a similar pattern, I'd be pretty happy with things. I suppose through line breeding I could then try to pick up on what's already there. Patsayawan was pretty good on the email/service thing too. He did his best to get these guys to BKK from his town and onto the flight that was leaving yesterday, and even expects follow up once "his bettas" arrive at home. So even if he didn't really care all that much, he at least gives the inference that he does through superior customer service. Much like myself really... where's that mirror. Okay, so from a breeding perspective, I'm guessing that through line-breeding I can articulate the better qualities of the parents in subsequent breedings if they produce any fry that are genetically superior to their brethren. You know, I'd actually be dangerous if I knew what I was talking about... If they get here and they're not too beaten up from the flight, I'll put the Barry White on and give the male a list of clumsy passes he can make at his "gf" in order to induce maximum spawnage. Also, who says I don't want to be struck by lightning? I don't anticipate anything bad could happen from that.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. They were put on the plane earlier today according to the breeder (Patsayawan) - he said it was okay to use the photos too I got a feeling that a bit of photoshop "artistic license" was taken, because I don't think I've ever actually seen a -freshwater- fish with such colouration. I'm guessing that the colour bleeding into certain parts is undesirable? When they arrive at my home, I'll post some pics of them without any saturation, or other colour enhancing methods. I haven't seen too many patchy dragon type Bettas that actually are aesthetically appealing to be honest, and given that I'm in no major hurry to start breeding, I might keep an eye out for another female HM Multi. She is a pretty little thing though, and if the spawn had consistent dragon scales it could be interesting. Ness, I'll give you pick of the litter for these guys when they eventually get busy (even though the lotto numbers didn't pan out as expected).
  4. What do you think guys? I chose them purely for aesthetics. The colours are fantastic I think. I'm no Betta expert, but I think both their caudals are a bit on the long side? The female is not quite HM in the tail (judging by photo anyway). I would appreciate some of the more experienced eyes to give me a sentencing indication an idea about what their pros/cons are. Thanks
  5. I'm not trying to discredit your science. I'm just having trouble with how you interpreted it. Isn't it?

  6. I've only got 2 ears isn't it.

  7. Of course Simon! Pics are what make this forum go round! And just look at that ketapang rich water in those photos. Amy Lim is my new best friend.
  8. Thanks guys. Yep, this little bloke comes as a pair, so after they hit Aussie soil and get settled in a while, I daresay you'll see me whinging on the forums about trying to get them to breed ;)
  9. Hi guys, just wondering what type of species Betta this is? I asked the breeder but he didn't say, all he said was that they are a rare find caught in NE Thailand. Here is the image.
  10. lol as long as they are comfortable around someone who constantly mutters and swears under his breath they are most welcome! My Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids showed their contempt for my potty mouth with a seemingly perpetual breeding cycle that would make rabbits jealous. Hmm speaking of foul mouthed ranting, I have an email to "compose." Hopefully the weekend is kind to me, otherwise it might just be a case of an obligatory photo of my pleco ;)
  11. Son. Normally I am disappoint, but not today...

  12. Ya know Ness, you make some good points. Btw - I know Foster - I'm about 250km east of said town Viva la Gippsland lifestyle, not gonna head back to the city for a while now I feel. They sell those Marina? brand funky looking Betta tanks at the local aquarium... but they don't really seem like much more than a glorified jar tbh. What I do have... and depending on how the motivation strikes me with my 1000 other "home handy" projects is 4x 2ft breeder style tanks, and a spare 4ft tank and a 2300l/hr pump... if I got the plumbing and heating sorted, plus some opaque sort of dividers... This will not end well. I could divide each 2ft into 3 partitions effectively giving each Betta a 20cm wide x 30cm high x 30cm deep place to live. That gives 12 spots... plus the sump for a sorority. With a little luck, I should have something worth photographing on the weekend. Thanks for the info!
  13. Hi all. I've dabbled in a legitimate fish related interest for the past few years now. I started out breeding African Cichlids (by accident) and from there have plodded along with the hobby. I recently moved out East from Melbourne with a 5x2x2 Discus project taking foot, but now have a 4ft tank with some Discus, Peppermint BN, and Rummy Nose Tetras swanning about in it. Notwithstanding the previous comments, I've found Bettas to be just about my fave fish. Elegant, aggressive, and very easy on the eye... it's just like describing myself really... sigh... Speaking of which, I was looking for something more humane than a jar to keep a HM Betta in ... I came across this - http://www.thereefshop.com.au/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1475 - which is basically a 12lt tank with a small biowheel of sorts, a light, and I can put a heater in there as well. The only thing I'd do is remove the mirror so the fish didn't constantly feel threatened - oh, and put a lid on top of it as well. Quick question for the multi-Betta keepers here - what methods do you use to keep your fish? If I wanted to breed Bettas, how should I accommodate them. It's not like a normal community type setup obviously. Cheers.
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