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New Tank


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Hey all,


Here is the 6ft tank I have as my display tank in my living room. It has 6 relatively small Angels, 6 Neon Tetras, 2 Betta Females and a little double holding cell for the 2 new white Female Bettas from Zac! I have created this tank to hopefully be as 'stealth' as possible with regard to cables and in-tank equipment (that isn't decorative)... I have a little more work to do on the right hand side, and when I can get an inline heater, that will replace the eheim one in the right hand corner. All the plumbing is complete for water changes, all the taps to accomplish this are hidden behind the cabinet, along with the monster gravel vac :)

This is it in 3rds. :)




Comments/ideas please? :) I'm still new at this! heh

Thanks for looking!


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Nice tank....

Personallly, I'd dump the plastic plants and get some easy care low light plants - eg anubias or bolbitis on driftwood and some floating plants like hornwort or frogbits....

What type of gravel are you using? If it's calcium carbonate that will raise pH and either needs to be countered by a lot of IAL or replaced with something neutral....

again - those tanks look great ... maybe a few real mosses growing on / around the shipwreck....

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Agree on dumping the plastic plants.

My dad's got a similar sort of tank set up. I kept putting cuttings of green hygro and hydrilla all around the back wall of the tank then built it up around the shipwreak, grew moss on the ship and put an anubias on some high points of it and it does look a bit more like some sunken treasure of a ship now.

What kind of rock is that on the left side of the ship wreak (big white one)? Does it fizz if you pour vinegar on it?

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Thanks for your comments Wayne.

I am actually not sure what the gravel is... It came from the people I bought the tank from, and was used along with another identical tank in their little Cichlid breeding program. I have been keeping doing PH checks daily and it doesn't seem to be budging from 7.5, which I figured would be the best level for all the fish in there.

As I am so new to fish keeping, I really wanted to stay away from plants and just concentrate on keeping the fish alive... I understand that there's some low maintenance plants, but the idea of spending time (which is a very rare resource for me) on monitoring plants AND fish might push me past the "fun hobby" into the "omg time sink chore" field.

I DID want some nice decorations though, hence the plastic and silk plants.

Yann, your Dad's tank sounds awesome. Maybe when I'm more comfortable with things I will consider doing something similar.

The white 'rock' is actually resin like the 2 black rocks on the right. The rocks under the ship are lava rock and jade rock. (real rocks).

I didn't try vinegar on the white rock since it's resin.

The other reason I wanted some plastic plants was just for more hiding space etc for the fish, and the right hand plastic plant actually does a half decent job at hiding the heater and filter inlet. :)

Harry, I don't believe we can legally marry. Sorry.


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re plants - anubias on driftwood take about 5 minutes care per month if an old leaf needs removing... apart from that they look great.....

plastic plants as hiding spots for Bettas and other fish would be like you using sandpaper for clothes - pretty rough and can tear their fins easily... also look bad when they get an algae or bio film build up on them and then the cleaning time for plastic plants is a lot more than for natural plants.....

pH7.5 is pretty much at the high end for most fish unless you're keeping the likes of the African Rift Lake cichlids - Bettas tend to like a lot lower pH... some white gravels used by African cichlid keepers is calcium carbonate which helps push the pH up to around 7.5 to 8.0..... take a little bit of the white gravel and see if it fizzes a bit in vinegar.... if it does then its adding to your pH and water hardness.... Angels, Bettas and Tetras all like softer and lower pH water....

(please don't use chemicals like pH down or pH up)

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Hi Jason

The tank looks realy cool when you are ready to get in to it a bit more I have some drift wood which I have only just started moss on so give it a while and I will give you some of them OK



PS Like Wayne said it dosnt take much work to keep them going and if they crook the it didnt cost you anything

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