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Hi, Abby here

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Howdy all Im Abby.

Obsessed with Betta's i started this time around as a "OH look i like that wall mountable tank ill buy one male and have him" but by the end of the day had many plans.

Currently my new tanks being built it will have 8 male bays, and i will set up a female community tank.

I have:

Dastan: red/blue/purple VT male


Nero: red/white-silver-metalicred at times CT male


Melvin: white fins, blueish body (blue dot on anal fins) and multi coloured head VT male


Benny: blue-grey butterfly VT


and the first lady; Lady Tamina (her colours vary from blue and red tinge to green shes crazy)

(ps this photo was taken just after she settled somewhat from the lfs into her temp tank, so shes still displaying her stress stripes)


i have my custom tank coming by the middle of the week i was ment to pick it up on friday but she kept giving me the run around, a our day job turned into three weeks. so i cancled the tank and went to a different place he said wedensday at the latest.

but i also have an 18 litre tank and two four litre tanks. Benny and tamina are currently in containers; benny tamina and melvin are getting daily water changes, Nero gets one every two days and dastans tanks filtered.

im looking for at least 4 more males of different colours and types (id like a dt, hm and maybe a rose tail) then a handful of fems of varius types to match the guys.

besides the fish i have (OF my own) two horses and a dog. my bf and his dad together have three dogs and we three share a cat.

I enjoy watching my Dastan flirt along his tank, reading, writing and watching dvds

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I just looove intro posts with pics! I think Lady Tamina might possibly be a boy. Not looking entirely happy in that pic. Maybe a bit of fin rot happening. Suggest a treatment using either Myxazin or if you can't find that try Wardley's Fungus-Ade. We can probably reserve judgement on gender until later.

Welcome to the forum!

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Bettarazzi: the lfs held tamina benny and melvin for a week and a half before i could house them and the lady said Tamina had a nest BETTER then both males i was like .....Ok...?

Sarah: Benny (when i get better pictures you will see) has very badly curled fins but has been building MASSIVE nests lol

Yan: As you wish: Meet Taj Mahal 26 yr old arab x quarterhorse gelding (grey) and Luckys Lil Bandit, 3yr old thoroughbred X stock horse colt (ungelded)






Taj costed me $150.00 and bandit was free. Bandit was unbroken and shy when i got him he hated men(previously abused heavily) and now he loves everyone the first time i got on him he just stood there and i chucked and nudged him he walked on fine. hes spooked once out of three rides and because i was trying to unhook my reins (the cause of him spooking) i came off for the first time in like 4 yrs, got a hell of a concussion where i smacked my head on a rock no helmet lol

Thanks busman :)

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What cute little snips they have, I'll bet those noses get lots of kisses lol Also riding helmetless? Tsk tsk. I learnt my lesson when I gave myself a massive concussion and landed myself in hospital even while wearing a helmet. Will not go without when I eventually get my own horse.:P

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I wasnt expecting to move but he was happy to move so moved we did ;) its was a fluke, after all the stunts taj has pulled i was ok with bandits spooking except i was leaning down to the right pulling the split rein out from under the edge of the saddle.

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They are gorgeous! I love the snips too.

Aww, my life long dream is to have a farm, with horsies and cows, llamas *lol* , chooks (we have heaps now), I'll grow veggies and family can have some for freeee.. and an IAL tree too oh, and a MASSIVE fish-house (who needs a fish-room?).

Lismore - I'm so jealous, my favourite place in the world is only 20mins from you.. *sigh* I want a farm.

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*lol* want to swap? Can bring horsies here though. :(

This makes me think of those shows where people swap houses and then find there is no place like home.

Yeah, but I like.. having to drive ride horses to get to your neighbors when you need a cup of sugar. :giggle:

I guess I'll just have to be country at heart.. for now. ;)

Like my cow (look below). *lol*

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Lol well currently the horses are at my dads leased farm and i live in lismore with my bf. but when i lived at the farm it was 3 hour rides around the back roads, or riding up to the neighbors, turning the horse loose in her paddock and helping her. or as it currently is each time i go out these days, i spend most days there out checking fences and moving the landlords cattle. last time i was out there the neighbours bull broke a fence ad the herds mixed. Bandit is a horse but in his head he is a working dog -shakes head- he will follow me around just like a dog, but this time he followed me and taj up to split the two herds, i stood taj at the top of the very sharp decline into a valley of trees i looked at the colt said "Get 'em out" and no joke me and taj moseyed down as he was hunting them out. everytime i moved to cut anything off bandit always beat me to it. I stopped tajj out side the yards ready to go in and get one of our reds out and bandit beat me in i said "The red one" he cornered red and reds only option was up and over an 8 foot stock yard wall, he managed to pull the entire gate off its hinges but Bandit went after him. the trip home poor bandit was lathered to the max and struggling to keep up it reminded me of a few lines from the poem "the man from snowy river" :

And he ran them single-handed till their sides were white with foam;

He followed like a bloodhound on their track,

Till they halted cowed and beaten; then he turned their heads for home,

And alone and unassisted brought them back.

But his hardy mountain pony he could scarcely raise a trot

he does the job though and i wouldnt trade him for the world. i look forward to the day that im on his back mustering.

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Taj came to me from a lovely lady, taj was spooked by fireworks one newyears eve and he jumped out of his paddock and into my cousins paddock. the lady was looking for a new home for him because she had young kids and couldnt give Taj the time he needed plus he was a maniac his speeds were stopped or gallop. it took a few months of daily work to get him under control. even now like 5 yrs later he still takes my breath away with his speed. And the last owner and her two girls have come out once and had the chance of riding a now much mature easily handled animal.

Bandit was bought in QLD under fed skinny and shy, then the 2nd owner (im disgusted to say is my brother best friends younger brother) bought him as a yearliing to break and show BEFORE he was 1.5 yrs. i told hi off several times at his heavy handedness to the colt and threatened to take the whip to him and show him what its like. his dad turned up bout 2 weeks later and gave me the colt.

im happy to say that once upon a time no man could get near him and now i get screamed at to catch the colt whos rubbing his head on my bf or my dad while they are trying to fly rc planes, hes trusting and happy to learn new things and loves a good hosing :D

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Hi Abby, lovely collection of animals you have there :bighug: I have a husband who tends to curb my rescue bids... keeps talking about lack of space in suburban backyards, finances and other sensible man type rubbish <_< although he has let me rescue a pound puppy and a sad little Betta who is now a very happy Betta who loves bubble surfing over his airstone!! Welcome to the forum, Jo.

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lol thanks Jo. i want my own dog here but hes an inside dog and the out side dogs would tear my poodle to bits when he was out side Plus i was told no more animals then what happens? bfs dad turned around and got another dog he can ignore. he works nigths and sleeps days and bought a 6 week old staffy so staffy is now 4 months and ive raised him. im the only one who walks him and the only one who baths this pup and it aint my dog. go figure, so the only animals im alowed to have are my bettas so good luck to bf but BETTAS ILL HAVE hahaha

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You will get the last laugh. Start breeding Betta and you will have soooooo many bottles and tanks in every room of the house, they will be buying you whatever animal you want.................What was it this week Abby, an elephant, lion maybe??? Lol.

Don't know why some people still believe it is ok to abuse any animal. Yes I do, just look how they treat each other.

Glad to have you on the forum.

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