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Australian Breeders


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Doubt you'll find commercial breeders in Australia ... the majority of the veiltails and crowntails in the shops are imported by their thousands for next to nothing per fish and wholesaled out for around $2 - $3 per fish.... most who got to the LFS will not pay more than the $8 average Betta... certainly not for the cost of a half moon or any other classy line of Bettas....

to start up a commercial Betta farm in Aust... you would need to be in the northern climes to start (no heating costs and year round production possible)... being anywhere in the very north of Australia then creates huge overheads in terms of it being nowhere near the major population areas that will be your main markets so freight will be a killer... access to breeding stock from within Australia would be limited and to import from overseas is becoming so costly, even with the high performance of the Aussie dollar at the moment the prices haven't dropped so when the Aussie dollar goes back down the prices will become even more ridiculous unless you set up your own quarantine approved premises....

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G'day Bettarazzi,

I'd love to start a Betta farm for the reason's I love them, nobody has anything in Australia like the Thai's or the quality, sick of import drama and I'd think it would be worth wild business.

I know alot but would need to go over to Thai Land to learn from their experience etc.

I really get into thing's properly and would love to practice breeding strains etc. It's a wonderful science to explore.


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