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My first tank :D


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Thanks :D

@Shadoh the ornament came with the tank (ebay) :blush: i just had to have the tank lol :P really liked the stand and that ornament lol I noticed Coburg Aquarium have some sorta the same, same design but they're smaller. They have some greenish coating on them and are a bit darker. If you don't like it i reckon you could get some really rough sand paper and try get it off.

The tank is pretty much antique :P filter, heater and air pump that came with it are VERY old, long since deleted models so i chucked them. So don't know if you could find that exact ornament now.... but yeah have a peek at Coburg :D

Filter is 400L/hr with a spray bar to slow down current, still wayyyyy too strong. Poor wee PK wouldn't come down off the top of the filter behind java moss :blush: You can see it:


So I had a stroke of genious at 3am and set about making an extension on spray bar with irrigation tubing you can see in my 'construction pic'



The bubbles are the current, pretty much a trickle.

Spray bar that came with filter:


My extension into second compartment:


Bit of a bananna of a spray bar :lol: nevermind lol

Angled downwards as water flowing down wall rather than splashing into water seems to slow it too.

@Webster, dividers are I think cross stictch mesh from spotlight. If you go to the embroidery area in crafts there... i pinched the design of Delyall, its posted somewhere on here. She said she had some issues with it getting dirty and is using cloudy plastic next time. (hope you don't mind I post that delyall?) I'm yet to find out!

I siliconed book binders from office works to the tank to hold them in place.

I tied java moss to top of filter with a rubber band, and the moss next to the ornament is attached the wall with a suction cup. Just thought I'd throw that info in there seeing as i have an audience :D

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