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Hi guys! Am from Melbourne!


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Ok... so here I go test my genetics skills.... lol :)

I think he looks like a turquoise with red wash. He changes a little with the light, his lower fins look a bit royal blue but I'm going to opt for turquoise. The black bits on his fins I think would classify him as a butterfly but a melano carrier and thus rather than edges of fins being clear they're black.

I think he's also unmasked as evident in that black patch on his head.

How did I do? :) lol

Obviously you'll probably want to wait for someone else to give you a definite answer :)

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Welcome to the forum. He's a nice looking fish. Multicoloured, butterfly pattern but technically a butterfly needs to be a bicoloured fish only. Mostly turquoise (looks metallic in the vid) with red wash.

If you want a female for him, seeing as he is a multicolour I don't think it will really meed to be a "matching female". Check out Neffy's new post in Classifieds - lavender females... something about the 3rd and 5th fish I like. She's also in Melbourne.


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Coburg aquarium is great :) I gotta go there again :) Delyall, you must check it out!

I still cant believe you got a fish like that from there though rionthai, hes so beautiful. I have never seen female fighters for sale there though, but I am sure you can ask if they can order one in?

Goodluck with him and finding him a girlfriend :P

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Ive been to Fish and Feathers.. not so good if your looking for birds, but if I remember correctly they had a nice fish setup.. only barely any in there when I went :) I know they could order in a HM for you, I asked when I was there :) Another good place where I got some of my HM bettas is Fantastic Pets in Narre Warren .. though they havent had HMs in for a while.. :P

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