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  1. Welcome Meg, last time I was in Mackay I was meant to go and check out a LFS there to see what it's like..... no idea which one it was though - I drive down on the odd occassion to see a mate of mine. Pond sounds cool! hope you enjoy the forum :(
  2. hmm, well it wasnt whitespot as shown in the pic you posted neffy, it was MUCH smaller.... hopefully it doesnt come back again..... thanks for those 2 pics though, good for future reference :)
  3. Thanks for the kind words! thankfully the fish are very happy in this tank, there are next to no fights, the rams are estabilishing their territories now which is good - 10 of them = a bit of bickering but nothing major. if anyone is wondering why i have 3 golds and 3 blues is because there are 2 males in each of the 3, meaning 1 of the males will become the alpha male in each colouration and are VERY bright!!!!
  4. Well, As most of you all know, I have 2 tanks in my room....... 1 being my fighter tank which belongs on my dresser.... and the other is my pride and joy... a 3ft 170od litre community (i guess) tank.... since I signed up here, the inhabbitants of the tank have changed...... a little... heres a quick rundown of it as it sits right now. Size: 3ft x 1.5ft x 2ft (i think) Filteration: Fluval U4 Internal Filter Heater: Ehiem Jager 125w Light: 3ft Aqua 1 with Life-Glo bulb Substrate: Silica Sand Houses: 3 Blue Rams 3 Gold Rams 4 Neon Blue Rams 2 Siamese Flying Fox 2 Bristlenose Catfish 2 Honey Dwarf Gouramis 6 Cardinal Tetra 3 Cherry Barbs 3 Blue Emperor Tetra 1 Neon Rainbow. at the moment, I am not replacing any of the tetra/barb/rainbow species due to wanting to turn it into a dwarf cichlids tank..... there are approx.... 7 pieces of driftwood in the tank, 6 of which have some form of plant life growing on them... and heres the things you've all been waiting for..... photos! I am aware that my plants are very "minimal" at the moment - I only trimmed them all off yesterday to get rid of the length, there is one at the top of the water yes, mainly because I cannot be bothered planting it again after the rams pulled it up..... and everyone seems to enjoy chillin' around it. I had to replant the entire tank yesterday when I bought the Neon Blue Rams as all the others had their own territories setup.... wasnt much hassle and I am really pleased with the current layout! the 10 rams are really cool critters, they all come up to the glass when I walk near it, the NBR's are still very timid about it all..... But I am sure they will be the same soon! Let me know what you think :D
  5. here's the new male........ hes a PITA to get a pic of flaring! I spoke to one of the "specialist" LFS's in town yesterday before I got home to find my male dead, he stated that due to the current drop in temps at night its highly likely that the lice etc have come out from that..... he mentioned that he had been fighting a lot of white spot aswell over the past week or so...... (different shop to this male is from)
  6. what i could gather, looked like small grains of white sand (funnily enough I have that in my 3 ft tank), he would rub up against the anubia and hair grass which gave the indication of it being lice...... he probably had 15 od "specs" on him if my new male wasnt so skittish i would have a picture of him already. will try again now.
  7. Well... I am rather unhappy at the moment, Friday afternoon I noticed my male acting VERY strange, had a closer look at him and it seemed to be covered in lice. I did a prompt dosing for it aswell as 90% water change, but unfortunately when I returned home yesterday he was no more seems it was a very bad case of lice and stressed him out way too quickly for me to treat in time... I will get another CT copper mustard when someone gets one in to match the female (who is a complete bitch of a fish) but for now, I have purchased a red CT from the newest LFS in town..... I have been eyeing this one off for a few weeks (since they opened) and he has been rather active... I will get a picture soon of him when I go back into my room to move the female into her side of the new tank. Rather disappointed at the moment with the loss... oh well, such is life.
  8. Lisa, you should be able to specify it as a required field for registration. :D
  9. Welcome! what colouration is he? I have bought 3 fish from someone in Brisbane - very nice fish!!! www.youtube.com/fishchick65 - she is currently away in Thailand though....
  10. what kind of wire is it? I've been told wire affects the water due to being bare metal/metalic
  11. Well, I am currently looking into getting another tank 304x203x175mm made up to match my current tank that is divided into 2 which houses this pair...... IF I can EVER get a hold of a pair of "Black Devil" HM's they will be snapped up instantly (pending money of course) and put into the same setup as this pair are in at the moment. I havent taken any new photo's lately as I havent had a lot of time to myself, they are going well, I might take the divider out of the tank to see how nicely they play with each other, but not overly sure just yet.
  12. I should really stop clicking this thread, It's making me want a tank of Cherry or Fire Shrimp :D
  13. LOL @ that pic! I am inlove with your tank. kinda want it!!!!
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