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The Great Brand Debate


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Ok so I want to know... What brands do you find to be the best?

I want to poll some results on different categories... Eg: Chemicals, Food, Test Kits, Filters, Heaters, Gravel, Fertilizer, (Anything else you can think of I missed that could be interesting)

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I use Stress Coat i think it's API brand to condition/remove chlorine from the water and the Stress Zyme to assist my biological filter and have been really happy with both of these, i use a variety of food depending on what im after flakes/pellets/live i have bought a couple of aqua one sponge filters for my spawn and hospital tank lately and have had no issue with them although im no expert on these as my tank that ive had for years uses a biological filter. As to test kits i think i got one when i first got my tropical tank but dont really use one! :lol: but i have purchased one for new tank which is currently cycling and will probly test my old tank just to see what results come up! I hope this helps!

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Heh thanks guys. :lol:

I personally use (But not sure if I reccommend as of yet) Seachem, Tetra/Hikari (Want to move to Sera or Hikari), Aqua Master (I want the sera test kit... It comes with alot more), AquaWorld (Most likely moving to an AquaNova Canister), AquaWorld (They sometimes raise your temp a degree above your setting... Not too accurate to set straight away), ....No branded substrate and for fertilizer I use Seachem's. :)

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I havnt had any trouble with the Elite filters I have been using, even though they are on the cheap side, they have worked well. I am just a bit warey about some ebay electricle no name items that come from hong kong/china. Nutrafin fish food has always done the job. I have a Jebo heater which I am NOT happy with though, it seems to be getting water inside it, might take it back. I have noticed over the years the quality is going down, like with most things, found an old pump from about 20 odd years ago that still works perfect, yet some of my newer ones have failed. You will find this with tools aswel, they are considered consumer items, that have to wear out so the company can keep selling them and making money.

Interesting topic, look forward to what others have to say. :lol:

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Chemicals - none

Food - live grindal worms, freeze dried black worm, New Life Spectrum "Grow"; Tim Addis killifish food (no longer imported)

Test Kits – Aquarium Pharmaceuticals - RARELY used.

Filters – cheapest sponge filter I can get

Heaters - N/A

Gravel – N/A for the most part. In the tanks that happen to have grave, I use some blend of fine gravel and coarse river sand. In one tank I have coral sand.

Fertilizer - N/A

Medicines: Mainly Aquariumlife products.

Other: IAL, rainwater

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Chemicals - hydrogen peroxide (bleach, oxygenator, neutralises pp), Potassium permanganate (pp - for sterilising nets, killing off snails on newly purchased plants), Seachem Prime/Safe (for when I'm too lazy to hook up a hose for a small amount of water)

Food - live grindal worms, freeze dried black worm, white worms, various bulk pellets, bulk flake and fresh vegies depending on fish species

Test Kits – API master fresh water kit - used if necessary

Filters – a few cheap HOB filters, various sponge filters and air powered volcanic rocks plus Hailea high volume air pump (60l/min), Aqua One canister filter for larger display tanks, a few Otto powerheads/filters

Heaters - Aqua One heaters in tanks that require them (none in house tanks)

Gravel – fine black gravel in some tanks, slate covered in moss in some tanks, bare in some, calcium carbonate in African cichlid tanks, river gravel in a thin layer in other tanks

Fertilizer - Dino Spit and Dino Pee

Medicines: Waterlife (sterazin, myxazin, protozin), basic multicure, methylene blue, melafix (pond strength diluted to use in tanks),

Other: IAL, carbon filter on hose

My fish are not fashion conscious and don't really mind what brand I use as long as it tastes good or it does the job of keeping them healthy and happy..... :)

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