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  1. Hi all, I'm looking for a recommendation for an "oscar-like" cichlid, that would fit in my 2ft planted with my bristlenose colony. Really I want an oscar but the tank is too small of course. And no, buying a bigger tank is not an option! Oh and I should mention, I don't care if it eats all the plants...
  2. When you get some roundtails... can I buy some fry? :cheer:
  3. Hi Jade! Lovely guppies (I love guppies!!) and your Tiger is very nice. I would breed him with three females with yellow spotted tails. I'd avoid ones with too much black as the black might over-ride the yellow in the babies. Once you get that first generation, you can decide what direction to take from there. :D
  4. Mice mice mice mice mice! Mice? Mice mice!!

  5. Terribletegs

    Guppie Shopping

    I loved breeding Pingus, they were always very popular too, I was sending them out across Australia! Enjoy. :)
  6. You might not be able to budge him on the goldfish, but you could try, maybe by showing him pictures of other fish he can keep in there. On the water front, maybe try to talk him into an undergravel filter? You can get round ones for bowls, and he already has an airline and gravel...
  7. It looks like a baby oto or hoplo to me too. A bargain find. I would definitely raise it! It might bring you good fortune! :applaud:
  8. If it is fritted glass, it does take a lot of pressure to get air coming through. I would check your airline is as short as possible, maybe if you're concerned about an explosion, put the CO2 unit in a box to safeguard against any messes... Try blowing through the diffuser by mouth - if you can't get air through, it might be a dud.
  9. Hi Paige, great to hear from a new Sydney breeder. What colour halfmoons will you focus on? :welcome:
  10. New fish settling in, can't wait til they start eating...

    1. Terribletegs


      Yes, dried blackworms and earthworm flakes, my saviour! :D

  11. Setting up new fishroom. So exciting to be geting back into breeding. New bettas soon!!

    1. mumofthehoarde


      Now you know the rule...photos are a must..

  12. Okay I am the most demanding person ever. And I'm okay with that. So, whens the next gathering already? :D
  13. Still got the beanie boxes for sale?

  14. Can't wait until the next gathering! Need to enjoy fish vicariously. :)
  15. I have used it with no ill effects, not sure what the fish had but trichlorfon is meant to be a pretty good treatment for the ailments listed. Would be handy to have on hand if you have a lot of bettas but keep in mind the short shelf life (best before 6 months IIRC).
  16. You're really asking us if you should buy more fish stuff? I say go crazy, buy buy buy!
  17. Congratulations! It's always so exciting when the first tails appear. And you got some nice photos too, great work! :applaud:
  18. How big is your tank? If it were me, I would move al the fry to a tank about three times as big as the fry are in currently. First I would make sure I do lots of WC in the days before I go away so the fry are in almost completely fresh water, in about 1/3 of the tank full. I would instruct my helper to feed once every second/third day, and add water (that I had prepared and set aside) at two weeks (another 1/3 tank volume), then again at four weeks (fill to top). When you get back you could do some consecutive water changes and get back into a serious feed regime. Keep in mind this is just what I would do to keep the workload down on my not-fish-interested housemate. If you have someone willing to do it THAT KNOWS WHAT THEY'RE DOING, I'd go with them, and a much more serious feed/water regime.
  19. I do VE then MW, then try to get them onto BBS but I still supplement with MW too. From here I try to get them onto cut-up/shaved frozen bloodworms and cut-up freeze-dried blackworms. Once they are on bloodworms/blackworms they will take anything. Good luck! :)
  20. As Kandee said, try another pairing. If these are your only fish, keep trying as long as they are not beating the sugar out of each other. Try not to interfere too much either. :)
  21. Don't stress so much - betta breeding can be a bit of 'trial and error' and what works for one person might not work for another. It sounds like you are on the right track but as others have said, IAL (indian almond leaf) is a small investment that may make all the difference.
  22. Don't distress, they are still lovely fish. Some things work for some people, and don't for others. Maybe try a different food regime on the next batch. I feed almost exclusively MW (well not really but a lot more MW than most of the breeders here). I have had a spawn that all had ventrals, one that had nearly zero ventrals (and some bizzare stumpy round "Nemo" ventrals), one half-and-half and another spawn with all ventrals. It may be a combination of factors. It doesn't appear to be genetic so don't 'write off' your fish - they still should have good genes. I'll buy some. ;)
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