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Re-organising tanks - 56k WARNING


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PSWC has said "No more tanks darling, seriously, you have enough"


I bloody well do not have enough.

When we move, my tank count will be as follows:

1 x 4'

2 x 2'

1 x 2.5' (metric and imperial, I'm all tingly with the thought)

2 x 18" (1 = mesh divided)

1 x AR380

1 x AquaOne medium

1 x 14"

2 x 12"

1 x underbed storage unit

Now, thats not extravagant really IMO.

I have 2 x hammerlok shelving units, shelves in gloss black, that I use for a majority of those tanks.

I have one stained black stand for a 2' and one stained dark honey stand for the 18" divided (measurements are just out for the undivided).

I have no stand for the 4', and that is causing problems. I want a cabinet and i want it to be black or painted, and PSWC would like it to be woodgrain, but even stained, woodgrain pine looks daggy. Besides, I don't have a hood and the light reflector is black on the outside.

Oh, and I want a pond (pot pond will do) and a barracks system, otherwise i'll be stuck in this breeding rut forever.


Asian crew (wild bettas, loaches)

2 x axolotl (cannot be kept together)

1 x red claw (escape artist)

20 + bettas (jarred but need heating)

2 x separate killifish species (must breed, its the rules)

2 x guppy strains (again, must breed)

1 x smaragdina pair

1 x imbellis pair (if Vicki will babysit for a while :))

and *cough* a marine tank for PSWC... goodness knows how, but one of the display tanks MUST be marine. [pref FOWLR or better still none of that nasty live rock at all, but thats wishful thinking i guess. Would love just banded coral shrimp, so it doesn't have to be huge]

So, I'm pretty much just talking out loud here, if you have ideas, great, if not, don't worry :blush:

Main display tank

4' tank - twin 48 tubes (AO twin reflector) VA300 cannister (too small, but will do) riversand substrate, java fern, java moss, hornwort (floating) DIY CO2 and airstone on timer for night. (thats 4 powerpoints, so no more electricals unless i get moonlighting in the reflector hood too, unlikely though)

Fish - B fusca, B falx, 2 x CLs, 4 x Kuhlis.

May add - 2 x CLs, rasboras, cherry barbs, black kuhlis.

[ Wilds regularly breed and hold eggs in this tank as it is now (2') so plan is to keep a spawning tank free to transfer pairs or eggholding males to, while giving them free run of the larger tank in the in-between time]


2' black stand - single 20" AO reflector, ? filter ? UGF? (stole cannister for 4') THE DIVIDERS HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM THIS TANK.

Fish - unsure

Posted Image

18" honey wood stain stand - mesh divided, removable, has glass gems as runners and UGF.

Fish - considering this for display bettas. It is too small for growout of and substantial sized spawn, but would probably work nicely as display or for young males to stretch out in. Thoughts? Doesn't really solve any space issues. Maybe for the axies? Or perhaps the cray? I could do a 2/3 divide, but it might be too small really...

Posted Image

OK, now onto the 'fishroom' setup

2' on hammerlok shelving

[considering siliconing in the removable glass dividers from the 2' above to give me 4 separate tanks within this single tank.]

fish - unsure, killies and guppies perhaps? large enough to spawn bettas?

Posted Image

2.5' on hammerlok shelving - Ikea desk light & screw-in fluro, twin penn plax filters, painted black glass floor

Fish - currently houses betta jars. Can't change this until I have barracks. Yes, they are small, but i WILL be upgrading thier cells :)

Posted Image

AR380 - silver, curved glass, built-in filter (which i adore, very nice really) and 8W light tube.

Fish - Currently houses B-girl the axie, but truth be told she is as dull as watching paint dry, so I'd rather she was elsewhere. I'd very much like this to be a display tank somewhere in the house, possibly on the coffee table or entertainment unit.

Posted Imagehttp://fishpics.shesapples.net/albums/userpics/10001/thumb_JapStyleMay05%20-%2002.jpg

18" non-able-to-go-on-stand - Fluval 2+ internal, heavy lids

FISH - currently houses my 8yo red claw cray, but she is very sedintary in her old age and uses only a portion of it. I keep her in it for ease of water quality care, and cause she still enjoys moving sand around.


Medium AO tank

light sand substrate, sponge filter

FISH - betta breeding tank. Don't want to change this, think it works fine for this purpose.


Small 12" tanks - Penn Plax filters

Fish - currently killies and guppies, but I'd like to retire these tanks as they are really terribly small and WQ is hard to maintain without constant small WC, which is hard when adjusting pH etc.


3 gal all-in-one - built in light, no filter

Fish - empty. Well, actually no, decaying carcass, lets be honest, I was so depressed i didn't touch it and it is now non-existant, but yeah, technically...

Not good enough to display IMO, but a decent size tank. Excuse garish colours.


Have I forgotten any??

Any thoughts?

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:) You have many many more tanks than I do :goodo: I only have 1 80 litre tank, 2x 12 litre tanks and 1 15 litre tank in use, as well as a 3foot storage tub for jarred fry. I also have a cubed 90 litre tank, but there is no room for it at home so it is at my dad's house and really only used when I have excess fry to take to the petshop...thats their intermediate home ;) I hope you sort everything with your tanks out :) :fish:

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:confused: Not only "no more tanks" but now i have instructions to cut right back! permitted to keep: 3 x 2' 1 x 4' 1 x 2.5' (will be worked into barracks or used for axies when barracks built) 1 x AR380 (i'm doing seaponies :goodo::)) 1 x 14" hospital tank *sniffle* now its even more to organise! how to fit all them shishies into 4 tanks? *sigh* It will be done :drool: (spunky and tank get to stay until she passes away, then no more cray for a bit :photo:)

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does that mean PSWC's marine tank is in one of those you are permitted to keep? or is that in addition to them? :drool: I hated having to get rid of tanks when we moved house. I loved my 316 litre 4'! And my 2' tall with the brichardi colony in it :photo: Maybe we can discuss options tomorrow :confused:

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Sounds like a plan :confused: Nah, PSWC marine tank was scrapped when i whined about not ever being able to be a real breeder if i have to grow out in matchboxes. The seahorses are my idea, partially to see if i can even do marine, and partially because even non-fish people like seahorsies :drool: We shall chatter tomorrow :photo: I need barracks ideas anyway!

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LOL, dont worry, cut them back now, and you can sneak some in later on :) The seahorses are going to cost you a fortune. Here is sydney we need the tropical ones, the potbell/southern Knights dont survive through our summer (they are truely cold water) and you are looking at around $110 each for the tropical ones! That price is direct from the catchers at www.docksidemarine.com.au Just as a comparison, they sell their lionfish at around $35, the same size in the shops is about $115!

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Wish I'd known I could have talked to you one Sunday. Seahorses are suppose to be very tricky to keep. I'm setting up a tank now but will probably start with tropicals as they are easier in the climate I'm in, but I would love to do a local species tank when I get some experience. Hippocampus bleekeri (Southern Potbelly seahorse) is the Southern Knight. They are large and need cool water. Check out Seahorse Australia site. H. whitei is smaller, and is native to Sydney, needs a higher temp but still not tropical. Also harder to get. S.A. seahorse site also has good info. Southern Knight are being sold at Hi-Tek Pymble for $50 I will start a thread when I get some pics

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OK, we have had another chatter. Something occurred to me. The 4' that i have is a 4' BREEDER, not a 4' DISPLAY, which means its a good 4" shorter than what i'd need it to be :) So I have found a cheapish 2nd hand 4' display tank, and I should be picking that up later this week. The guy had 2 on offer, but they won't with widthwise in my current stand, so for now, i'm only getting the one. I'll divide the 4' breeder and shove a 2.5' and a 2' underneath for the time being. The silver AR380 will be marine at some stage. I *think* that gives me enough space. so, 3 x 4' tanks 1 x 2.5' tank (shop tank, keeping forever!) 1 x 2' tank 1 x AR380 Gosh this is so hard to do without actually physically moving stuff around!

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