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Betta Cubes


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Hey guys

Wondering if anyone knows where i can get Cube tanks from....... Not the small ones that are originally advertised

as betta cubes....

I want my boys to have some room....... Im just tying to re decorate my bedroom.........

Have seen a few 5L ones - or if anyone that owns one could reccomend one at all would most appreciate it! Cant really fit another 3ft tank in my room at the moment so im gunna have to downsize a little hehe


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Small cube tanks are really easy to build yourself if you can get a glass cutter and some old scrap glass (old louvre blades, old window panes, etc) and a tube of silicon. Ask a glazier if you can scrounge in their bins too - lots of scraps under 30cm square to be found like that too. Sandpaper or a diamond stone will take off the edges. Won't look as nice as the curved corner versions but you will be able to get a lot more tanks for the price of one commercial tank. (silicon some plastic trim to the corners to hide the glass edges and it looks pretty good).

17cmx17cmx17cm = 5L approx

20cmx20cmx20cm = 8L

25cmx25cmx25cm = 15L

30cmx30cmx30cm = 27L

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There's a bloke in Cairns that makes small cubes, he sells them for about $15 - not the best looking in the world, but they do the job.

The pic i'm attaching are the cubes inside of a big tank of warm water - easier than setting up lots of little heater.


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found a place that dose plastic and glass so ill ask about 4 & 8 ltr cubes and what numbers would be needed to start a run you can design your own containers using ther new three dee software and for a small price (they say but I dont know how much) they can even run of a demo to try out

Let you know tommorow



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