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  1. My community tanks, from 50L thru to 200L have: 1 Male Betta, plus Mollys Platys Cories Bristlenose Guppies and even Tiger Barbs Haven't had any nipping or bully problems bar one single juvie Tiger Barb that was removed. Oh, also had some Neons but after losing x 2 to the male Betta they were sent to another tank.
  2. Due to the increasing difficulty in sourcing pure ammonia both in USA & here, I've read & spoken to several people who've actually resorted to using their own urine & apparently it works equally as well, if not better. Before everyone gags, says eeeewwww & carrys on like pork chops, it's actually as close to sterile as you'll get.
  3. Re Bleach ... when we re-charge our Purigen (filter media) sachets, the manufacturer dictates that it is to be soaked in a strong solution of bleach until it goes back to its original colour. The sachets are then simply soaked in dechlorinated water (Prime) at an extra/double dose if feeling extra cautious. Bleach rinses out/off just fine without the need to jump through flaming hoops, ditto this treatment for rocks, wood etc etc.
  4. I condy's crystal our plants to rid them of snails - haven't lost a plant yet and have only ever found about 5 little snails that survived the ordeal a couple of weeks later - I crush them & feed them. I have heard though that some plants will succumb to condy's so beware! Are there some plastic plants in your tank - some look to be silk but not sure about far left compartment? I don't ever put plastic plants in with Bettas, they can tear their fins to shreds on them, silk ones are fine though.
  5. Never hard finding alternative accommodation, raid mum's salad bowl cupboard. Here's the trick for Xmas, Birthday & Christmas for her ... A while ago Ikea had fabulous big, thick, clear, glass salad bowls going out for $3 ea and they're excellent in emergencies or for treating illness etc.
  6. Hmm I too have suffered a blow in the shrimp dept. There I was gloating that my dear sweet Betta boy had got up close & personal with shrimp for the last week +, they sat eye to eye next to each other for endless hours with no dramas. Ha, the worm turned - this morning 2 x legless bodies, I could've wept - much frustration in stripping tank & rescuing the others. Lesson learned, never think butter wouldn't melt in a Betta's boys mouth!
  7. What a great girl she is, & lucky to have you Matt!
  8. Yup, that's exactly what I meant - no point in spending best part of $40 on globes to see them fade & burn out in a couple of days. Conversely, I bought a little submersible fluro tube light around 10/12" long on ebay from Honkers for around $10/12 delivered via air & the darn thing works a treat, I love it!
  9. Well, I'll soon be ready for some of those Starry Nights (in my dreams) - it seems the temperaments of my boys are beyond amazing ... first I had the boy who loved to snuggle up to the cory's & allow them to sleep in his flowing tail & who ate it off in protest when I removed them. Now I've got my new Thai boy scooting around in 20L with corys & 5 accidental resident shrimp & he sits right next to them whilst completely ignoring them. He goes nutso for BBS though.
  10. WOW, thanks Ghengis for that great info, and Joan for asking. I bought a Fluval Edge aquarium and it has 2 x halogen lights just above the filter water-fall & they make the top water super hot. Because of their spotlight effect, they also leave very dark corners in the tank. So, I rang around various local LED specialist shops and got prices of around $50 per globe, yikes!!!! I had no idea they are actually manufactured from crystals that are grown in labs, the outer part of the crystal being the lowest grade. Anyway, I got some cheapy LED's on ebay ($30 for x 2 but they didn't
  11. How exciting Cassi, those Bolivians are stunners! AhHa, I'm glad I'm not the only plant murderer. I just read somewhere that ppl say they need to be "unbunched" or they'll rot & die - so we're supposed to take that wire off? Amber, is this fish wholesaler open to the general public & do they do plants as well? If so, who, what, when, where pleeeeeeeeease?
  12. Hiya Paul, any chance of some detailed & up close pics of the set up described above, I'm struggling to get it. Cheers
  13. Hi Julie, I tried to answer your PM about someone & my boys, but it's being rejected because your inbox is full. someone's shop is in Annerley Brisbane & she sells on youtube under the name of someone - she has just listed some new stock for sale & had some absolutely stunners, but I see many are "on hold for Lisa" - it's the quick or the dead when she pops them up :-) The boys of mine that you commented on were all purchased from Aquabid.com - someone aka someone does all the quarantining of the Bettas that are sold by the Thais & sent to Australia - ONLY BUY FROM SEL
  14. Oooh, they have gorgeous bright royal blue marons, although out of stock atm. Found the guy on a qld forum whilst searching worming info, he's based at MtGravatt.
  15. Well, I found me some Cherry Shrimp for $0.50ea & all his buyers swear they're top notch & you always get extra scoops. Won't be long & I'll be ready to graduate to LOF's little starry nights!
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