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New Tank, Need Stocking suggestions.


What kind of Tank should this be  

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  1. 1. What kind of Tank should this be

    • Planted w/ community fishes
    • Cichlid Lake Malawi
    • Turtle tank - Eastern long necks

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In the process of setting up my first "big" Tank, first one over 2 foot, Its a standard 4 footer i think.

Anyhow I am having difficulty in deciding what to do with it.

My 3 choices are:

another planted - not real keen as Already have a couple

Cichlid - will be nice to have a "busy" tank with lots happening in it.


Turtle Tank - pretty keen on this idea, would be lightly planted with vals and sword/ferns.

tank is replacing my old smaller display tank in my lounge room.

All comments appreciated.

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The sand I use in my tanks is the 'budget' pool filter sand. It essentially is like very fine brown gravel. A bag of 20kg cost me... $12.50 or something like that. Bargain!

I just gave my boss a call, who told me that *all* pool filter sands will be silica based. I assume he knows what he's talking about as he's been in the pool chemicals/spares business for a long time!

He said then that there were just different grades (different particle sizes).

I use it in my tanks, because I read that Ancistrus catfish like softer/finer substrates, and also because it just looks a lot nicer in a planted tank IMO.

If you are after a certain colour (eg white) you may need to do a little shopping around. You should be able to find sand at any pool store (or Clark Rubber) but most places will probably only have one brand available.

And when you get it, wash it super thoroughly. It usually comes really, really dirty, but I have never had any problems with it once washed and in the tank.

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