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Going To Indonesia


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Hi all

Just to let you all know that I will be going to Indo for a holiday for the first 2 weeks of March.

If you would like me to get anythiing let me know.

Of course don't ask me to bring back food, fish or anything living..unless you like to pay the $400 quarantine permit (grin)

I would like to meet anyone who is in Indo. I think I will be based in Ancol or Kelapa Gading for now.

Also would like to go to some LFS crawl there...don't worry guys. I'll take some pictures :)

Anyways, have a good day


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Ok Everyone, Dave is now officially in Indonesia.

I am going to skip all the boring bits...

so here are some interesting stuff from this morning

I am basing on an exchange rate below of $1 AUD = 7000 Rp (it's really close to 8000 Rp)


This is the first market we went to. It was close to the place i am staying


This was one of the fighter racks. There are fighter plakats and the standard veiltails.

These cost around 4,000 Rupiah (Rp) which equates to $0.57 AUD.


This Silver Arowana (not the real asian one) cost 1,500,00 Rp which equates to $215 AUD. It is around 30+cm


These alligator gars around around 10-15cm. There was about a half a dozen in the tank.

They cost around 15,000 Rp which equates to $2.14 AUD.


These Bichers are around 10cm. They only will sell in pairs. There are about a dozen in the tank.

They cost around 25,000 Rp per pair which equates to $3.57 AUD.

Notice that there is a huge price gap. But you need to realise why people would consider smuggling these fish to Australia.

If you consider the cost of the airline ticket.

And if you can get around a dozen of these things in the country, the profit margin is quite large.

BTW, I also saw a few Giant Gouramy in the Food Fish section of the market. I did not take any photos. They are around 20cm in length and cost around 25,000 Rp. Which is around $3.57 AUD.

Anyways, more to come.

Time is 10:13am at 28/2/2009.

Have a good one.

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