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Maazo's 90cm Wall Tank


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A progress pic of my wall tank. Apologies for the overexposure (my kingdom for a good camera) and the calcium marks on the back of the tank (it's where I access it from). As you can see, the focus is the plants.



Microsorum pteroptus (Phillipine & Windelov)

Anubias bartera var. nana

Eleocharis acicularis

Eleocharis sp. unknown

Hygrophila corymbosa "Kompakt"

Mayaca fluviatilis

Rotala magenta sp. Green

Crytpocoryne crisulata var. balansae

Cryptocoryne wendtii "Tropica"

Cryptocoryne x willisii

Bolbitus heudelotii

Blyxa japonica

Echinodorus bolivianus

various mosses


Ember Tetras (H. amandae)

Endlers Livebearers (P. wingei)

Neon Rainbowfish (M. praecox)

Spotted blue-eyes (P. gertrudae)

Otocinclus affinis

Darwin Algae Shrimp

Glass Shrimp

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@ Faewyn - LOL "the crypty one" :D It's Cryptocoryne crispulata var balansae (aka Crypt. balansae). I'm actually going to take it out soon and replace it with an native Aponogeton. I find the leaves trailing over the top of the water a bit distracting. My aim for this tank was to prevent it from going "jungle" like it's previous incarnations. The substrate is my own mix of laterite, sand, calcium carbonate, vermiculite, trace elements and probably a few other things I threw in there. I planned the layout in advance so there's a few pockets of calcium carbonate and one of ADA Aquasoil. The CaCO3 is for the roots of the crypts - a high pH in the substrate seems to help them with nutrient uptake. Same for the Aquasoil, but in reverse. I'd planned a big stand of Bylxa japonica (the spiky plant on the right hand side) and it's reknowned for liking an acidic substrate. It's all capped with about 3cm of poof filter sand.

@ lilli - Lighting is 2 x T5HO & 1 x T5NO. Yep that's the CO2 line. I'm using DIY CO2 atm, but will be going to pressurised (finally) in the next month or so.

Thanks for you kind words people! :)

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