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More Danios?, Stocking Wise...


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55L TANK which has 2 platys, 3 zebra danios and 1 baby chinese algea eater which are already in the tank but i found 3 very good lookin' yellow zebra danios, so i want to now if this would be okay to get another 2 or 3.

could the dramatic coluor differences effect their play time (since their always playing thay might not be accepted into the game).

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What filter and substrate do you have in the tank? any plants? Is it cycled?

Is the tank long or tall?

Danios like territories, so you need enough space that they won't feel the need to constantly niggle each other for enough area. Footprint is more important than height.

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I have a 40l tank planted with spiral val [thick] housing 10 Glowlight Danios.

They chase each other all day,and it is playful.

Regarding different colours.....Another tank houses 10 mixed longfin zebras.

I have observed all different colours interacting equally.

If your filter puts out a strong current,you could buy another six to form

a good school.Even just adding a couple at a time,you can soon build

a happy,busy tank.

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ME too.....but the new Sydney shop,Aquaristic got them in for me.

They move differently to other small danios.Hang low in the plants,but very busy.Beautiful!!

At the same time I bought 15 Bororas maculatus the dwarf rasbora. They are another fish

I have wanted to keep for many years.Colored up almost as soon as they went into a moss tank with crs and cbs.

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Ohhh, where is Aquaristic? I need more microrasboras, my little pair look so lonesome :( Were they a decent price?

South Windsor Fish Hatchery also has white (not the yellowy albino colour, actual snow white with no visible stripes) blue, and some strange blue/white marbled colour. They are all longfins though, so if you have standard tails that might be a bit of a disadvantage for the more flowy fish. Ideally you want them all to have the same swimming ability, and longfins can dawdle a bit on turns and speed.

Glolite danios are a different species to zebras and the colour variants. They might not work as well in the group.

What model filter (or tank) do you have?

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Aquaristic is at 400 Botany Rd Beaconsfield.Corner Epsom Rd...opposite the Rosebery Hotel.

Very friendly smart guys.Nice stuff!!

Yeah the glowlights seem to occupy a different level in the tank.Any lfs can get them in from Bayfish atm.

Same for the rasboras.

Love SWFH for their goldfish.Afew years ago I got some Siamese Dolls.They are albino telescope fantails.

As they get older,the fins start to lengthen.A good one will swim with its' head up,waving the fins.Gives

the impression it is dancing!!

Gotta love Asian Genetics.

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Aquaristic is a great place. My cousin helped them setup a few months back. Lol.

They do have got a quarantine facility at the back and they have got a lot of contacts in Southeast Asia.

Billy and Victor are great guys and it would be great to support them in there business too.

I wished if i had more time to visit them but it's very hectic.

Yes, for sure it's a good chance to do another LFS crawl.

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