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Koi Angels Spawned


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Noticed over the last week that a pair of Koi angels had paired off and started hanging around one end of the tank and chasing all their tank mates away. Sure enough, yesterday I had a look and they decided the heater glass was a good place for the eggs. Don't they know it's a heater!!

Obviously, I've had to turn the heater off. The warm Sydney weather should ensure I won't need the heater for a few days.


These angels are the ones Bart (Bartek) gave away in September 08. I kept seven and found new homes for the rest (I even have a few in a tank at work!). Problem is the parents I assume are siblings, so who knows what's their kids will look like!!

As you can see it appears some of the eggs have already perished. I wonder what the babies' chances will be in the comunnity tank should they hatch successfully? Should I give them infusoria as suggested here? What about the canister filter? I don't think I can take all this worry!!

Below is a picture of the tank.

Current stock is:

Opaline Gourami x 2

Koi Angels x 7

Pepperred cories x 3

kuhli loaches x 2

bumble bee gobies x 2 (cause they're so cute)

spiney eel x 1

bristlenose cat x 1

Congo tetras (males) x 2 (recently added)

guppies (approx 10-15)

Golden Mystery Snails x 6 (plus countless young)


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Congrats, hopefully they will hatch.

The Spiny eel and the the Gourami's might want to snack on the fry. You could take the fry out and put them in a tank with the same water as the main tank if you are worried about the canister filter. Then you can do water changes from that. I think it would be easier to feed them this way too.

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yeah if you want to raise some, I'd suck some of the wrigglers out with a baster and put them in a separate tank like fae suggested. If the pair were alone in a tank, you wouldn't have to do that, but the other occupants will probably eat a lot of them if you leave them.

Is it uncommon to breed related angels? Don't they line breed them like bettas?

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I want some Angels!! Congrats Jaime, hope you have success raising them!

The warm Sydney weather should ensure I won't need the heater for a few days.

Just got back from 2 weeks in Sydney...hot as the pits of Hades! Except for the last night I was there (Friday the 2nd), which must have got down to about 15 degrees, I'd reckon... Just watch how you go without that heater operating.

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Thanks to all for your comments.

Jess / Lilli, I think you're right, I'll have to separate the fry if I expect to save any of them. The angels could have been a bit more considerate, I have to go back to work tomorrow after 2 weeks off. Isn't it all about timing!


Yeah, isn't it weird that it's hotter in Sydney than in Cairns? I suppose you were hoping to get a break from the heat coming down south. Anyway, as for the tank temp, the heater's been off for over 24 hrs and the temp hasn't dropped at all. Sitting at a steady 26-27 degrees, which is probably a couple of degrees higher than I'd like, and that's with me home all day with the AC going. Lucky the Mrs is on leave else temp would definitely rise tomorrow as Sydney is expecting a scorcher. I'll definitely be checking the temp daily till I can turn the heater back on. If I'm not mistaken, the fry should hatch in 2-3 days right?

I have a friend with a marine tank who uses a chiller to stop the temp from spiking. Does anyone with freshwater fish use chillers (just out of curiosity as they're quite pricey)?

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Some Americans who keep big fish, like um... Oh, I can't remember, it's a long while since my guapote days! but they are big and expensive and kind of look like sharks and have a saw-thing on the end of their face .. anyway, the owners of those fish use chillers. I don't know if anyone in Aust does. it would be interesting to know!

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Bad news I'm afraid ;) The wife walked in to find one of the mystery snails on the heater (where the eggs were). She quickly evicted him from the area but many of the eggs were gone. Last night the angels were picking up some eggs from the substrate and trying to put the back on the heater but they were not sticking. I think they'll give up soon.

Oh well, I suppose they'll spawn again but I'll have to move the snails if they do.

BTW, heater is still off and temp still 26-27 degrees.

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I need to resuscitate this thread and ask some advice.

The angel pair have been spawning quite regularly since their first spawn in January but since they're in a 4' community tank, they've never succeeded in protecting the eggs. They surprised me yesterday though. They had spawned a few days ago on a java fern but again lost the eggs. Just a couple of days later I noticed them protecting another section of the java fern (it's a big plant). To my surprise I could see a mass of wrigglers on a leaf.

Now I had a dilemma. Do I try to save them, or leave them alone and almost certainly seal their fate? My heart won and I cut off the leaf and put it in the breeding net with mum angel attacking me all the while.

Now for the question: Since I wasn't ready for them, I will be pushing it to get some bbs hatched in time for the babies first feed. (Considering I don't even have any yet). What else could I feed them at short notice till the bbs are ready? Or am I kidding myself?

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