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Our Natives New Home


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We had a good day today. Got heaps of housework done, so got permission from the boss to strip down the algal mess that was the native tank and rebuild :P . Scubbed down the driftwood, inserted new rocks, prayed to the gods and whala


and including it's essential spiderman lamp (you know that every tank wants one..)


the purple spotted gudgeon


the cod


the cod, the gudgeon, and the snail


housework not included, I had a good day :P

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Well, hmm foresight is not one of Damo's attributes, gotta love him anyway. THis particular tank used to be the home of a golden perch a long time ago, when he outgrew the tank he got a new home with the department of fisheries, has been their display golden perch for 10 years now...

Windyzz, the fish with the purple and red spots is a native fish called 'Northern Purple spotted gudgeon' (the southern ones are an endangered species, if you find one let us know and we'll buy it!). Not recommended to go in with anything that will fit into its mouth, as they will eat it. Also is known to beat up fish half the size. Would be best if it is the smallest fish in a tank. Cold water fish (as most natives are) but can be in a heated tank up to 32deg. These guys are horrible jumpers!!! Within 10 minutes of being taken out of the tank and into a bucket, he was on the floor. He will come to the top of the water to eat worms out of your hand too!

As for ph, well i have no idea we just condition the water as per instructions and let them go for it :P and add some salt we tend to do it up to 10ppm.

Have a look at these sites for more info:


Hope this helps..

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