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Hi from SA :)


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Hi everyone ;)

No I'm not a fish, I'm a human hehe

I'm fairly new to the world of fish, and this is the first time i have ever joined a fish forum ! ;)

I only have a small tropical tank atm, and have had my fair share of trials and tribulations over the last few months with it.

I think I'm on track now at last !!!

So I will be needing some advice, and just in general to chat to other people that are into fish :)

I currently have one platie (sp?), 4 neons, 3 guppies (males i think, the ones that are more colourful), a golden loach and my pride and joy, my new SSF (male I think?) He's the one in my avatar . You can tell I'm still fairly inexperienced with my descriptions of them :whistling:

I have had other fish, but they didn't last :sad: , and i had 2 tiger barbs, that were very mean and terrorized all my fish at the time :o

Look fwd to getting to know you all better !

Hope I'm not the oldest in here ? ;)

Now to find where to go too next on here, please bear with me while i find my feet :)

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Welcome to the forum! I might be able to help you out as to why the tiger barbs terrorised everyone! They need to be kept in a school of 8 or more when with other fish as they do get territorial and aggressive. If they are in a large school they keep the fighting amongst themselves. I have a school of 9 at the moment, did have 12 but lost a few to a hungry tiger oscar.

Good luck with all your fish and I hope you find the forum helpful

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Hi and thanks for your welcome Fighters4U :whistling:

Yeah i originally just bought 2 of them ( I was told they would be ok with the type of fish i had at the time), then eventually one of them died, but the one on it's own was still just as bad. It stressed my other fish out so much i had to take him back ;)

I probably won't get them again ... All the fish I have atm are fairly placid in nature and don't go around upsetting each other ( altho they have their small tiffs occasionally) like we all have hehe

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Hi there Rainy :)

Thanks for that link ! ( I'm yet to go and check it out ) :)

So that's what a VT is, I have seen those initials comes up in other threads, so now at least I know what everyone is talking about ! hehe ( sounded like a type of Holden LOL)

Oh well I'm glad it ok to ask questions then, as I have heaps more to come ! ;-)

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Hi Jules. Welcome to the forum :) Just a warning that BettySplendens site is deadly...you can't look though it without finding a few new types/colours to add to your must have list...or is that just me :whistling:

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