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G'day from Melbourne/Florida!


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I starting a 12month USA working visa in 2 weeks and basicly I'm afraid to say I only joined in order to help a friend with her betta's IN Australia, she will join too soon :lol:

I have already preordered my betta for the USA, I'm getting a nice red/black/copper HM pair (or at least the parents are nice) and a blue CT *excited*

In Aussieland I have Endler's Livebearers, neon tetra and 1 rescue betta, my friend has a stunning CT blue/red and is looking for a female for him and/or a HM pair.

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Hey Akythara :)

Where abouts are you going to be stationed over there?

You know, if I were as lucky as you to be spending 12 months, I think I'd go bananas and get ADFs and dwarf puffers and all those other goodies that we can't have over here :thumbs: I'm impressed that you are being so restrained!

Welcome aboard and enjoy your 12 months away!

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