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My new wild Angels!


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Hey Everyone... ok so i am in love again!!

I have some beautiful wild caught Surinam Redspot Peruvian Angels!!!!!!!

They are really big, atleast 10 or more cm long and more tall, i really like their shape. Due to cost, i only got 6 of them and am hoping that i will get atleast a pair out of them.

Also in the pic, my little platinums are growing up very fast!!


Cheers Phil

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They have red spots on them, between the eye and the dorsal fin, here is a closeup pic (very bad one i know!!):


Nup not a new setup, still my main tank i used to have my other angels in a year or so ago, but newly planted :P

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Phil, They look fantastic schooling together. Oh, Discus, gimme, I wanty, now!

Soooo when are you going to post photos in this thread?? Planted Tank Journal and post about how YOUR DISCUS SPAWNED THE OTHER DAY?? Huh?

and more photos too!!!! *pulls angry impatient face*

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