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Newbie from Lithgow, Blue Mountains.


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G'day people. I have just started up with a 190L community aquarium. I dont have any Bettas ... yet. I have some guppies, mollies, swordtails and some pearl gouramis. My sailfin mollies have just given birth to 13 babies. I have bought myself a microworm starter culture and the babies are growing well. So far I have them in a fry saver in my main tank but I am looking to get a second tank for fry as the guppies are all about to give birth as well. They are cute little suckers.

I havent had a tank since I was a kid and so I am still learning! I would love to pick up some of your knowledge.

Talk to you later,

Phil. :)

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Thanks to everyone for their welcomes etc. I have been looking around this forum and I am extremely impressed with the pictures of Bettas on here. I have only ever seen the straggly, torn finned Bettas at LFS and I always thought they were pretty unimpressive. Have seen some of these living sculptures, I feel that I might have to get some! Do the males just put their fins up (like they are in the photos) when confronting other fish or do they swim around with them like that?

So far, my baby mollies are growing well and getting bigger.


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