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Crack In Glass


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I was just cleaning out my 2 ft and I'm doing a total clean so I was using very hot water... I just made the mistake of turning on the cold tap for a couple of seconds (so the water wouldn't burn me next time i turned it on) and now I have a crack down the bottom of the tank...

Now will I need to get a new tank or is it fixable? the crack is right down the bottom and is say 3 inches?

here's a pic, not a good one but should give you an idea.


What do you think?

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You could patch it....but it may not stop the crack from spreading

You could buy another sheet of glass....cut the old one out and silicone in the new one....do you have the talent and will it leak? and retail on the sheet of glass + tube of silicon will be about the cost of a New tank

No one I know will repair tanks on a commercial basis....too much risk for the money involved.

or.....you could as I would....buy another tank and sleep comfortably at night.

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