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After weeks of not being sure if I liked what I had in this little tank and changing it a couple of weeks ago I have finally decided on what I think is the final set up.

Already had glowlight tetras in there and added some neons I had been holding for my larger tank, also had a little group of harlequin rasboras that I put in, these where for the larger tank initially.

One of the fish types will come out and go in to the larger tank in the next few weeks when I am sure it is cycled

Currently has

4 neon

5 glowlight

4 rasbora

Fake plants and have now added driftwood that I got last week






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Thanks for the feedback

The only other thing tempting me was to get black gravel as with the background being grey and the colours of the fish I thought it may make everything really stand out and be vibrant, obviously didn't do that but its still in my mind to maybe down the track change it. I want to leave it alone for a while though as I keep playing with the layout and decorations.

I have had no more problems with possible disease since I stopped using the 2 LFS that I had used for my other guppy and neons, I had one remaining neon from my first batch that survived I had in QT for about 3 weeks with melfix and pimafix to get his tail back as he had lost it. I bought 5 neon and 5 rasbora but did lose one of each in QT maybe from stress as the others semed fine and are still doing OK.

I did have an ammonia spike today though, it was 0.5 which i think (hope) may be due to overstocking. My larger tank is cycled and running fine so I move out the rasboras in to that tank tonight, they were always meant to go in and they seem to enjoy the room. I did a 30% water change and that got my ammonia back down and I am hoping nothing has happened to the bacteria and it is all still there and able to deal with the waste. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated as I am worried about the neons, everything I have read indicates they are delicate so if the tank is uncylced I could have a problem. The only thing I can think I may have done wrong is when I did my water change on Sunday I had the water added my ager and then added a little warm water to bring the temp up after I had added the ager ( I added enough for the full amount of water), is it possible that the ager had already been used up and the additional water was than not treated, ie chlorine in the tank killing my bacteria?

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