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2 new giant PK males


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they arrived! it was so tempting! there was a great steel boy, and a RB with a fantastic BF pattern :) stace got those two though <_<

i picked a red boy with a real marble BF pattern - who also turned out to be a pineapple! i didn't notice it until i got him home!

this is him - he has a funky ray in his anal fin, it makes him look so funny! but he's the biggest wuss out, he runs away when my girl flares at him :eadshake: :giggle:




sorry for the bad pics btw, they were taken in the afternoon sunlight :P

and i also picked this guy! a turq with red wash, but the red is in a BF pattern :)



edit: forgot to add, thank you Phil! they were all fantastic! it was so hard just to pick two!!! and they're so healthy :)

second edit: oh and they're massive as well! couldn't mistake these guys for anything BUT giants!

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yeah the red is in the spawning tank atm :) i'm desperately trying to get eggs outta hans solo as she's so egg bound she's starting to pinecone :< luckily this boy is big enough to wrap her in that state! she's head down under the nest and he's very nervous LOL

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