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Hey, I'm Emma from NSW, I'm a fish fanatic, only one Betta at the moment though. Ezekiel is a pet store betta (I never did manage to find a breeder in the area) and is a spoilt brat who gets a tall two foot 80l all to himself, which he seems to quite like.

I live near Maitland in the Hunter Valley, I'm 15 and I currently have 2 four foot tanks, two two foot tanks (one empty) a 2.5 foot tank and a few smaller tanks.

Well that's about it


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Breeding him is out of the question, I'm one of those snotty pedigreed only breeders LOL, I used to breed guinea pigs but had to drop out as I'm starting year eleven now and it was hard enough getting through year ten with multiple fish tanks and the pigs as well, don't think I'd manage it with 40 juvie jars to clean out as well LOL.

He's a gorgeous fish though, I like him, I just don't have the time to breed, and would rather get proper good quality bettas that I could easily sell the offspring from if I bred.

Is there anywhere that I can get good quality bettas from though? although I don't want to breed I'm setting up another extra tall two foot betta tank, and if I could find someone who would ship an almost to completely black betta or two without it being too expensive that'd be awesome.

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