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Completed my first tank


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If you have read my previous posts in regard to my tank and getting the first fish, this is the what I hope is the completion for now of the tank.

The white clouds went great and the fishless cycling I did based on what I have read in articles on the internet pretty much indicated the tank was good to go. I intended getting a couple more white clouds and a couple of guppies but I was so drawn to the guppies I ended up getting 4 of them and no white clouds.

The tank now has 3 white clouds and 4 male guppies, everything seems to be going great so far and I am checking for ammonia daily to make sure the fish do not get in to trouble. I am ready to start cycling my next tank which is a 36 x 14 x 20 and once this is done the white clouds will be going there with another 5 to give me a school of 8. After that I am thinking my 34L to be a guppy only tank and maybe get another couple of males. I have not get the space to have females and the babies so am happy to stay with the males only

Here are the guppies I added




I also took one more pic of the tank and although only small you can make out the fish in there



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