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MIA n back in action !


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howdy ho people!

LOng long time no c

unfortunately and abruptly i had some issues to resolve and finally after along while its all more or less settled. Hope everyone is still kicking hard !

ont he counter part, and as part of leaving fish minding in the "good hands" of my lovely sister my fish population has been almost totally decimated :lol: . With the exclusion of one tank which astoundingly survived. and some scattered survivors.

time for a serious clean up, n get working again :lol: !!

cheers and all the best!

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unfortunately no, all that i have left are 2 pk, 1 melano wannabe and a whole bunch of turq young females

every single other male that looked promising decided to visit his great great grandfather. On the female bunch they are a spawn that was in the garage and mixed up from 3-4 spawns

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