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I now own a frayed tail betta


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Well he did it again.

My Royal Blue betta HM jumped the divider again and got himself into abit of trouble with my Turq BF HM.

I came home to find him missing from his compartment and cowering in the corner of the compartment next door where my other betta is kept.

I lowered the water high even more!!! add some metal fly screen across the top, I hope that stops him!!!!

Ill try and get some photos tonight, little bugger!

Nothing torn on the Turq HM just him!

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Yeah you would think so but i tell ya what .... wouldn't surprise me if he worked a way out how to get in next door.

Anyway i thought he would have had a little sook and got depressed and died because his manliness was squashed or because of his fin damage/infection. Ill have to wait and see how the later unfolds.

At the moment he is having a ball in the 2ft tank by himself swimming against the filter current and the getting a ride back down the current. As i said i thought he would he sulking but he is not which is a good sign.

Anyway a few photos. Sorry they are bad but i dont want to take him out of the tank and disturb him anymore then i should. You get the idea anyway! His Dorsal fin is almost gone and his caudal fin is frayed a lot and a bit of anal fin is gone



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where can you get these ketapang leaves/ extracts ?? or would a substitute such as Tetra Blackwater extract be fine??

I also have some problems with my HM finnage. Though, it was not due to fighting but due to tail-biting (lost 3/4 of his caudal fin).

Sorry to hear about your fish.. i hope he can recover soon.!!

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Thanks for the info Bettarazzi.

The one in aquariumproducts.com.au seem to be good choice.

I just bought a substitute for blackwater, it is aquasonic Blackwater concentrate. It doesn't really seem to darken my water, i had to triple the dosage to make it a little tannin. Costed me 9 dollars for 100ML ><

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