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What is better value? what is your choice?


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I have two options, i would like to know your opinion on which you would perfer and why.

Option 1: 8 x (2ftx1ftx1ft) tanks with filters and heaters, no lights or stand. Price: $350


Option 2: 7ftx1.5ftx2ft tanks on a stand with a light/s and 3 glass dividers (non movable) with 3 heaters and 3 filters. Price: $400

Now with option one i would have to make a stand setup or use one or two of those bunnings metal sheleves.

This is for Betta fish keeping and breeding.

IMO i like option one. seems to be more flexible in design choice. However option 2 seems like there will be less cost involved when it comes to lighting and stands. I guess i could get two long tables for option ($70 each for tables) from bunnings to hold up 6 tanks. not sure if they are strong enough though.

What are your thoughts. Anything i should be aware of?

Thanks, Brett

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The 2' tanks would be my choice, based on the flexibility like you said. The overall cost for setup will be more, as you'll probably need 2-3 sets of shelving (I use Hammerlok at about $80 a set) and a whole lotta lighting, though that can really wait unless you want them all to be planted.

A 7' tank is going to be hard to clean and hard to maintain, and if they are all on the same lids etc, it would also be tricky to contain illness should something develop.

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I vote option 1 as well. When you're looking for shelving just check the load each shelf can take. I'm using some wooden shelves from Bunnings which are great but they can only take 50kg. A 2ft tank, glass and water, would be about 60kg if it was filled up to the top.

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