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My supposed female fighter


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Hi there guys, got this fish from my LFS. Not sure if it's a male or a female cause it came from a tank which apparently had a mix of females and male plakats. Mind helping me out a little thanks? She flares up at her reflection in the mirror and just blew a small bubble nest. She's got the white dot on her belly though, the ovipositor (pardon my spelling) if that's what it's called? Really confused here as I'm thinking of using her for breeding, if it's actually a she that is. Any of you guys could tell me what breed of betta she is as well?




Thanks guys.

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I bought a similar traditional Pk b4 that turned out to be male... I cannot 100% tell what sex is it from the picture but I'm guessing is a male since his white dot is not so obvious like other female. Anyway female also make bubble nest and flare at mirror. :)

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Kinda hard to tell.... the pics are a bit fuzzy to see the finer details.

From those pics I'd maybe think you had a Plakat Male there given the longer ventrals.

That being said I've had girls blow bubbles mroe than my boys and I've got some long finned girls!

Have you tried showing it a male and seeing the difference in body language as opposed to showing it a female?

I'm no expert on sexing bettas like this but I'm just getting a feeling that this one may just be a male that happens to have an ovipositor (it has been said to happen)

Hope that helps!

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