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SALTIES: Would you add anything?


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Well I've had my little try-hard SW setup going for about 9 months now, and I'm pretty chuffed with it. Considering it was a bit of a suck it and see tank, I think it is going great guns.

It isn't necessary or anything, but I was wondering if there would be anything else that could be added.

2' standard

Fluval 2+ internal + aeration (I can feel the cringing from here :betta:)

Sydney beach sand, smattering of shells, two chunks of sandstone and a river rock

1 x 20W Aquaglo (leftover :D)

Unheated, no LR, no skimmer etc

Current inhabitants

2 x hairy hermit crabs

1 x sand goby (had a minor massacre in summer in the heat, lost the other 2)

2 x starfish (can't remember the type, small flat and squishy?)

2 x small snails

1 x limpets

Surprisingly, the starfish are going really well. One (Nectarine) has doubled in size since I've had it. The other is still rather small, but looking plump and healthy.

The snails are apparently very tasty :photo:

I'm thinking I'm pretty well stocked there considering the basic nature of the setup, but I'm curious about vegetation or other very small fish or even of LR would be able to survive in those conditions.

The only addition I'm planning on making soon is a chunk of that fake LR along the back wall to let the hermit crabs have a bit more land area, but I'm interested in what other things I could consider, if any.

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