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Meet "Regal"


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This is the Red HM I bought today. I couldn't get pics of him flaring properly (he moved too fast!)

I love him! He's a spunky fishy!

I think if he flared properly he could even be OHM but he's definitely a HM lol. Gorgeous!

This is his tail


This is his face and he's kinda flaring


A flaring pic (not full flare though!)


please comment :)


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lol neways thread hijackers :P I've put this guy into the spawning tank... hopefully once he's settled in he'll decide he wants to spawn and i'm gonna try him with Trish 1st up so hopefully i'll get some pretty red fishies... and if they don't like each other well i've got other girlies i think would be interesting :P

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well that was a no hope-er :(:(:( Trish beat the absolute crap outta him... he's got almost no fins left and he'll be lucky to make it outta this one alive... he's holding on but he looks really bad.

it's evil because she jumped out and they were both being nice to each other, she was being submissive for a couple of days, then i come home from work and he's hiding in a corner with no fins and she's beating him up. (and she's never done that to anyone before...I'm never gonna get her spawned lol something always happens!)

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sorry to hear that mate i hope he pulls through for you is a marvelous specimen

sounds like you need to give the girlie a really good talking too ( tell her you'll feed her to something bigger if she does not pull her head in )


we must've been posting at the same time, sorry about Regal

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