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My 4' tank

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It's only technically a new project....story goes a friend who knew a friend ended up finding me a brand spanking shiney new 4' aquarium with pine hood and cabinet at a discount price. Heard I had lost most of my fishy friends, as coincidence would have it I've recovoured 3 of my original fish from my 3' aquarium that I gave away late last year a female opaline gourami, an old sterabi cory and a male common bristlenose cat which I bought about 1 year ago at 1cm and is now a healthy 20cm!! I also recovered 5 females and 2 males from my blue HM spawn as well as a green delta I bought from Najrick and a blue marble female from someone :) . They are a little worse for ware due to their age but nothing I still can't breed from, the females are still full of eggs and the males still build pretty impressive bubblenests when they are in the mood so as soon as I set up the breeding headquarters again and buy a couple spare breeders I'll be back in the game again.

The first step on my 4'tank was to set up was siliconing a fake rock background, I used black silicone because I was informed that black silicone was less noticable once algae and other small plants had established on the surface.

Secondly I filled the tank with dark brown and black course sand. I added 2 unusual rocks and a peice of driftwood that looks like an old root. I cycled the tank using one of those hang on type filters and later switched to a cannister filter with spray bar. This was left running for about 2 weeks with only a few plants in he tank.

I have currently added:

1 opaline gourami, my old girl.

1 old sterabi cory.

1 common bristlenose male.

6 assorted female bettas from my old breeding stock.

2 female black and orange swordtails

1 baby swordtail I bred recently, the rest were still born for some reason.

1 male longfin rosey barb.

2 male swordtails 1 regular orange and one high fin orange.

2 giant danios.

2 baby balloon kissing gourmi (one of those new novelty deformed fish I know :) ...they are cute though)

That's it for now, but planning to get some clown loaches or khuli loaches, a small cichlid of some sort and some cardinal tetras or neon tetras depending on what's available and price. The want list might change because I'm basing my tank on colour and also taking into concideration not overstocking my aquarium like I have in the past. They are all fairly small fish in a relativley big aquarium.

Unable to supply photos because I haven't been able to replace my digital camera which is why I described it as best as I could. Hopefully I'll have one soon. It looks great so far, my next project is setting up my breeding tanks and buying some young stock to breed from as well as a second generation from my old stock which had I must admit had the best HM and OHM rate I've ever had in a spawn, I only need to work on dorsals and slight red wash, but otherwise near perfect fish I am proud to call my own.

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OK I went to the LFS and purchased my finishing touches, they weren't the fish I planned but they're still very nice:

5 scissortail rasboras

4 glowlight rasboras

2 marble orange black sailfin mollies

approx 13-18 neon tetras

2 young opaline/blue gouramis as companions for my old fish

Lost a couple neons when I first put them in unfortunately, sensitive little rascles :giggle: . The rest 'touch wood' are fine.

Pics hopefully comming soon. They won't be great because the camera's a far cry from the one I had unfortunately.

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