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My Name is Sarah, I'm From Canada, and a friend told me about this forum when I was asking questions about my tank set up and such for my two new additions.

I have 3 Bettas One 5 year old Fan tailed Red Male named George and Two I believe crown tailed Purply/Blue and red Females which are lacking in names at the moment. I have just put the two girls in their new home tonight so hopefuly all goes well.

Outside of Having my Bettas I also have a cat, a Chicken(that stays at my friends). I work as a Manager of a Thoroughbred Breeding farm, and enjoy basicly anything to do with horses, I am a advid reader, and spend most of my freetime on the computer. I think thats all I can think of to tell you I look forward to learning more about bettas from this site.

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Here are a few pictures of the girls I'm trying to figure out how to do fish pictures :) so they are a bit blurry

She was trying to swim past me


This one has red fins


This one has neat fins they are blue/purple by the body, then a bit of red, then Blue/Purple again


George is hiding in his plant so I can't get a pic of him yet.

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Welcome! great to see yet another Horse person around :) there's a few of us :P

Not to mention the bettas as well hehe. please post pics so we can see :P

a 5 year old Betta :) that's fantastic! you must have done something very right with him :P

Everyone is here to help :P


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pretty coloured girly :) do you have a "macro" mode on your camera? (if so use it!) and are you using flash?

(i find that my camera won't focus unless i have the flash turned on)

good luck with the pic taking, it can take a while to get the hang of... also helps to have a good camera too :P

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I found the Macro mode and tryed some more pictures, and George was moving around (with some help by poking him)

so here are some more pictures.



George trying to hide in the stones


The only female that will stick around for pictures



you might see the vertical barring along her side I was holding a mirror to the side of the tank to get her to do something. You can also see the other female's tail fin in the background of the first picture of the female.

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Hey, Welcome to the forum, im Ned :)

Does George usually lie down on the floor like that? 5 years, awesome, what do you feed this guy lol!

Your females look cool, i hear that its best to keep them in groups of three or more.

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I feed them betta Pellets I can't think of what the brand name is I think I'm going to get new ones as that ones I have are getting old.

I also put a bit of salt in his tank every water change which I do a full change once a week or so.

George has been laying around more alot more now, he has always liked to stay near the bottom but has just started the laying down there, or on his plant near the top.

I was thinking of trying to get him active again to try and breed him to the girls (as according to my book they are both ready to breed) but after reading the forum this breeding thing sounds to hard, I'll stick to just enjoying them lol.

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its alot of work, but if your interested in breeding them were all here to help you!

show him a mirror and see how he reacts to that. 5 years is a long time for a betta to be alive considering their life span is usually between 1 and 3 years. i think if he is laying around alot more in that type of position there is a condition for it but i forget what its called... you should also give them live food once in a while so they dont get sick of the same food, although if youve been feeding George the same stuff for 5 years im sure he is either getting really sick of it and needs a change or he doesnt mind it lol.

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It might be a bit of a challenge to get him to breed at that age. Bear in mind though that this comment comes from someone who has never had a betta live that long, so I don't really have any experience trying to breed them at that age. :) I have some females that look identical to yours, by the way.

Breeding bettas, while challenging, can also be a really satisfying and fascinating part of the hobby. I encourage you to have a go at it. If not with George, maybe with a new male? And then once you've done a few you might think about getting some fancier stock. Since you're in Canada, you'll have access to some really good breeders both in Canada and the US. Have you found the International Betta Congress yet?

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