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My Newest Editions!


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I was bad and went fish shopping again...

Turns out my LFS had some very nice fishies come in this morning :D

Here is my new girl "Candice" uncertain whether she is Vt or ct guess I'll find out later lol. what would you call her colour?


1st of my new boys is "Catman" a pretty GREEN! CT that I snatched up, he has cute little green lips :D


Ok next is the pretty blue and red CT, love his finnage! he's very shiny ;) hasn't got a name yet lol.


and lastly what would you call this colour???

this is my new VT, also yet to be named but wow funky colour :D


Please comment and please let me know on colours (and what kinda girls to breed to... I'm thinking the VT should go with Candice)


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she is a little metallic :D if you want you can borrow her, she's only little like Ashley. to me she looks kinda coppery/redwashy metallic pastel (lol that's a jumble) I'm sure her colour may change a bit once she's settled in tho.

hehe that's it i get in early these days so i get the best fishies :D

couldn't believe my luck to get the green boy ;) he's so cute. and i ALWAYS wanted a green fishy :D

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nice VT male! I'd call him a green/orange spotted bi-colour. Very similar to the one I spawned in a cross with an orange spot female.

I like all of them. the girl looks sweet! I wouldn't cross her with the VT boy though, personally - I would be inclined to avoid mixing red into the (fairly rare) VTs that lack red wash.

It will be nice to see them after they colour up.

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