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*new* Couldn't Resist Him :)


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Hey I just happened to wander into my LFS today and the guy was unpacking the latest shipment of bettas...

there was a few nice ones, few boring ones and then he opened up this little guy... before he even hit the water in his cup I said "He's coming home with me!"

yet another one that shows different colours in different light...

I've decided to call him "The Duke"




can somebody please give me a proper name for his colour?

and what should i breed him to? (when i get around to him)

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lol i have to get a fertile black female 1st lol :P

anyone have any that can get to tamworth? without being extroadinarilly expensive? i think not lol :P maybe i'll just find a pretty female and experiment with him. i've still got all these little ones at the moment so nothing gonna happen for a while!

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