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How To Post Images Using Photobucket


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To add photos to a post - Right click the image you are wanting to post and "copy"

Posted Image

Then paste it into the post, remembering to put it inside the image tags.

you URL to image in here

I hope this helps!

Please make sure the photos are no more then 800 X 600 pixels in size, this is because the larger photos take longer to download and people on dial up accounts will be after you!

If you have a whole heap of photos, I would prefer it if you only show a few per thread (No more then 5) and link to your photobucket album for the rest (in you "Account settings" within photobucket, you can make some albums public and/or password protected so you can share with your friends.)

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When in Photobucket click on the picture you want to use to open it into a single image page. Then copy the IMG Code on the bottom right hand side (see red box) then paste it into the post your are writing on AAQ.


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