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photos of female Betta's tails


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It can be very difficult to tell them apart. CT are obvious because of the webbing reduction. Veiltail and plakat can look very similar. HM and HMPK can also look similar but you'd expect the HM females to have more ray branching than HMPK. Also look at the anal and dorsal. HMPK should be more compact generally. When I don't know the background of a fish I just go with what's most likely and confirm it through the offspring. It's easier to tell the difference with the top quality HM and HMPK but I'm pretty sure I couldn't tell the difference between a VT female and a traditional plakat female.

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plakats are the hardest to tell in my opinion

im still really new at it though (but im trying)

i agree with razzi you need to look at fins besides the caudal as well.
length, shape and raying/structure will all give you the information for 'guessing' the tail type (sometimes its easier than others)
as you pick up the terminology and look at more fish you will begin to be able to tell the difference more
and may be able to guess the tail type better
but unless you know the genetics of the fish or its an outstanding specimen there is usually some ambiguity of tail type. :)
practice makes perfect though so start spawning and staring at fish :P

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