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Wild Scapes


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Thought this would be a good place for everyone to post pictures of how they scape their tanks with wild bettas.

Do you take a minimalistic approach or try to re create their natural home?

I'm sure either maddie will get some photos today or tomorrow we will upload some of our "scales"

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In the past I went for a more of a biotope style with my wild betta tanks. I used peat moss as substrate with wood and IAL providing most of the cover. However, nowadays while my tanks are still fairly natural looking, I have gotten rid of the peat moss substrate (instead I have a stocking full of peat moss floating in each of my wild tanks) and use ADA aquasoil because it helps keep my plants growing.

Because I wanted to cut way down on water changes to keep my parameters stable, I use a lot of live plants. So far my fish seem to be thriving and it makes for a lot less work for me which is great.

This is how most of my tanks look currently



The only thing I would like to change about these tanks is make the water darker. There's no such thing as too much tannins *lol*

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