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  1. Hey are you guys gonna bring any of the black shrimp tubes/houses to the meet?
  2. Shrimps are always hard. I find it hard to get them really interested in food. I've read that 'Max Growth' works really well. Interested to know if/when your start breeding
  3. I love the metallic blus with mustard fins and a white mask. Will you be selling?
  4. it might. I would try and hide it on the back left like the filter and heater on the right. Would add couple more reeds to cover it. But on second thought I hate noisy air pumps so maybe i'll sit on it
  5. I like your too, you got a more rugged natural look going there. Mines not really much effort - its really low maintenance. since i started it in Feb, only ever been cleaned by BN and snails & until recently was feed mainly by the auto feeder. Was thinking of putting the Hatch n Feeder in there.
  6. Feeding him up on blood worms for the 17th November Victoria Betta show! :tongue: Not sure if he is that pretty or form or whatever - but I still love him
  7. hmm this is how mine lives... not sure if it is ideal plus he has tank mates.
  8. BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMP...... :bighug:
  9. I would tend to agree with 3 of the points above 1) Get a timer, it could take a month but they will get used to the schedule 2) Set the timer to turn on after dawn and turn off before sunset. So the light is not what is actually waking them up. 3) Get cover it make the fish come out more, Floating plants, submerged plants, moss, driftwood, caves, ornaments etc... I use just LEDS and doubt that it is too bright, but if you think that it is infact too bright I would simply buy, a floating plant which would naturally dim the light (frogbit , Lillies, duckweed, etc..). But I doubt it is t
  10. Thanks I tried sponge filers But I hate the noise so I don't use them. I like my tanks silent. Well my CRS are really heavily with lots of brown eggs. Hopefully there will be some white specs soon.
  11. Does pantyhose really save baby shrimp getting sucked into the powerhead? CRS & RCS? Has anyone successfully done this? Can the babies get sucked and trapped against the pantyhose from the water flow/pressure? On a side note I've got shrimp carrying eggs. Do I do anything for the potential babies? Do they just feed the same as the adults? When would they start to appear visible to me?
  12. OK Thanks everyone for all the input & information. I think that most aquarium plants will probably be OK, but just to be safe I called the number Brenton provided. http://www.quarantinedomestic.gov.au/ They referred me to the "Noxious Weeds Listing" of each state. They said that if its not on the particular states "Noxious Weeds List" it's fine. VIC http://vro.dpi.vic.gov.au/dpi/vro/vrosite.nsf/pages/weeds_noxious NSW http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/agriculture/pests-weeds/weeds/noxweed/noxious-app-application?sq_content_src=%2BdXJsPWh0dHAlM0ElMkYlMkZ3d3dpLmFncmljLm5zdy5nb3YuYXUlM
  13. Hi could someone point me in the right direction. Where can I find a list of restrictions regarding the importing/exporting aquatic plants between Australian states? Does each state have a different website and list etc? Does ACT just fall under NSW? Can Frogbit, Anubias, Java Fern, Java moss be shipped between VIC/ACT/NSW with out restrictions? Thanks
  14. Bump Bump Bump........ give me more pictures!!! :alright:/>
  15. Cool can't wait to see it loaded up with fish :drool:
  16. Ok its up and running. So I put it in the fishy showroom http://ausaqua.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=15267&st=0&gopid=171347&#entry171347
  17. My CRS tank (had a few weeks now). They swim around stuff, but seem less active than the Cherries. They are way prettier than cherries though. Think it might be a good idea to buy a couple of those black carbon tube house things for them and the cherries. CalicoRain: yeah I had seen the Fluval Ebi Shrimp one, they are very similar and very nice too. Stewart B: Yeah the worst thing is with snails if they die your not sure that they have died because they could be just hiding their shell but they are then effecting the water quality. Snails sometimes have the funniest behaviors. Mine
  18. Finally set up my 2 little Shrimp tanks next to my little community tank! :cheer:/> They are not that amazing but thought I would share anyway. And love my Betta so any excuse to show him off :-) As you can see I'm still waiting on a 3rd LED light. I don't like to look at joins on tanks so they are all with curved edges. Feeding time! My Betta is the king of the jungle in there. Made him angry with a mirror. So all his little tanks mate are in hiding. As soon as he flares the Black Neon Tetras run for cover! The snails are super active and they've got this huge thi
  19. Nice! Love the lighting I bet it took a long time to make that moss bridge.
  20. Ok bought some. I read the same thing about fully submerging them. I plant on them growing out of the aquarium. If they are too sort i will just start with a low water level and slowly raise it.
  21. Setting up a shrimp tank - will have cherries in it. I've been reading some conflicting info on Lucky Bamboo. Will this work in a Shrimp tank? Will this poison the shrimp? is it toxic to the shrimp? Should i just use real asian Bambo? or is Bamboo just bad? Note: I'm aware its not a true bamboo and from west Africa etc....
  22. I started a community tank and all is pretty good so far. It's about that size but different dimensions. I started with planting and establishing the plants first. Then I added fish. Not sure about the female Betta aggression. On a side note check out these pretty natives. If hadn't already got a small school of Tetras these would have been pretty cool http://www.aquagreen.com.au/plant_data/Pseudomugil_gertrudae.html
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