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Female or Male with eggspot


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I got eight girls from Sara to stock my sorority so I can pull my breeding females out without reducing the numbers to 'cat-fight' levels - or so the theory went...

These are all from the same spawn, so sisters...I found one 'girl' dead a couple of days after they were settled in, 'her' internal organs completely gone as well as 'her' caudal.

I'm beginning to think the dead one, and this one are both males with egg spots.

But I'd like to hear the thoughts of others before I go pull him/her out and put him/her into the male barracks :)/>/>



I think the damage may have been from the fighting between the two possible males.

So what's your thoughts...male or female?

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Ah...sorry, was never very good at word association ;)

So, long bits at the front denote male? ;)

I've never really looked that hard at the length of either sex's ventrals to be honest - would make life somewhat easier...and would make getting ventrals on fry that much more important!

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