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Billed as Lavender butterfly HMPK


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Firstly, a big thank you to Razzi for being my proxy during the Victoria Betta IBC show auction - very much appreciated :)/>

And thank you to LODO for sending him over with the rest of my fish :)/>

This is the fella I got.


I was wondering, can anyone see dragon scaling on him or am I experiencing just wishful thinking?

He is a lovely looking fella who will be seeing the inside of a spawn tank in the not too distant future :)

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Michael was kind enough to give me an email address to contact the entrant - here's the reply:


Yep,I contacted Mr. Tae for you.

Inthe fish blood, there are red dragon and salamander.

However,this is the ''stable'' line so his father and mother should be dragonsalamanders as well.

Hopeyou happy with the answer. Please feel free to ask further questions if youhave.

Goodluck with your planned spawn.



So, I guess I'll call him dragon then :)

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J - nice to know ;)...and what are you doing on the forum at 2 in the AM?

Maddie - Ms Yellow CT is in the frame - I think it will give me a third line of CTPK to use in my CTPK project so cross breeding shouldn't be an issue when required and it will give me a bigger genetic pool to play with (if I can get the fry to survive...)

Plus, for a genetics lesson, playing with a non-red extended red and a red-based dragon lavender will be a cool thing - or is that just the fish nerd in me coming out again?

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