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Lucky Bamboo in Cherry Shrimp tank?

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Setting up a shrimp tank - will have cherries in it.

I've been reading some conflicting info on Lucky Bamboo.

Will this work in a Shrimp tank?

Will this poison the shrimp? is it toxic to the shrimp?

Should i just use real asian Bambo? or is Bamboo just bad?

Note: I'm aware its not a true bamboo and from west Africa etc....

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Are you talking about those Bamboo gift shops sell which are grown to form love hearts and spirals???

That would be so cool if you could put it in an aquairum!

But I think I would agree on it being used in an Aquarium.

- First of all I don't think it can handle being fully submerged; since the ones I have are being grown in a vase with those coloured "silicon balls" which retain water but not much. However I've seen some in cups with some water but not fully submerged. You could have them in the water but not fully submerged. I don't see much roots coming from the ones I have so roots won't be a problem.

- Also I don't think that Lucky Bamboo gives off anything toxic to shrimps, I mean all it does is take in water to grow. But I remeber once I took some Bamboo out to check them out and there was this clear gel on their few roots they have but ehhhhh :\

Overall I think the choice is up to you, Lucky Bamboo is thicker (?) And the Bamboo Mum keeps has extensive roots in the glass vase she keeps (Half submerged). Personally I don;t think there's any harm in keeping them in Aquariums but I don;t think you can keep them submerged and if you do they might not survive and rot. Try testing it out!

Jusr my two cents :)

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I some some in all of my tanks, some of the stems are submerged right into the substrate (ie. their stems are 45cm deep in water). I wouldn't submerged the whole plant.

They're great for reducing nitrates. Last time I checked, I had 0 in all of my tanks. In planted tanks, they might steal the aquatic plants nutrients (have recently added some to a 3ft I have, and some of the java fern is now dying off).

Chinese evergreen works too, although not as well. I have cherry shrimp in one of these tanks and they're fine.

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