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  1. The other thing is the colour of your substrate; a darker colour will make the fish less skittish.
  2. woah there there ain't nothing that'd make me put duckweed in my tank. Taken me hours of work to get it out!
  3. Is there much cover in the tank? The more cover you have, generally the more confident your fish will be, with the exception of Kuhli loaches - I think I have three, but the last time I saw one was weeks ago.
  4. I'm interested in getting some, I live way out of Melbourne though.
  5. stew822


    That's cool; I have the same system Thanks for the information. It sounds like your fish are going great. On that topic I think your pictures have convinced me to get some myself.
  6. stew822


    There was an interesting article on Seriously Fish debating the use of peat in aquariums and the like - http://www.seriouslyfish.com/for-peats-sake/ Your little fry raising tank looks cool, is the water shared by all of the containers or are they all separate? are they filtered? I ask because now you're making me consider a similar setup Can I ask what the pH and hardness is (roughly) in your tanks?
  7. They're cool tanks I love the snails. I think that tube thing poking out of it is a breathing hole thing? I had an apple snail once, I called him Officer Todd as he would patrol around my 3ft tank like a boss. Sadly he's no longer with us, at the time I didn't realise they couldn't cope in extremely soft, acidic water. I did a bit of reading on zero nitrates and there are mixed opinions but I found no facts. An article suggested that nitrates are merely an easy-to-read indicator of when the TDS (total dissolved solids, I think) have built up enough to warrant a water change, and another sa
  8. That's an awesome idea. It would be pretty easy to make them yourself, you'd just need some pipe, an L-bend and a diamond drill bit. It wouldn't be as pretty though.
  9. stew822


    That's so cool. I love Australe killifish. Good luck with raising them :)
  10. I some some in all of my tanks, some of the stems are submerged right into the substrate (ie. their stems are 45cm deep in water). I wouldn't submerged the whole plant. They're great for reducing nitrates. Last time I checked, I had 0 in all of my tanks. In planted tanks, they might steal the aquatic plants nutrients (have recently added some to a 3ft I have, and some of the java fern is now dying off). Chinese evergreen works too, although not as well. I have cherry shrimp in one of these tanks and they're fine.
  11. stew822


    Hi Bettarazzi, thanks for the warm welcome You hit the nail on the head there Daniel I love how you sound so surprised.
  12. stew822


    Hello there, I'm here because a crazy man sent me. I have mostly acidic, softwater species as our water tank is rainwater. I am currently keeping cardinals, leopard danios, diamond tetras, siamese algae eaters, snails (emphasis on the snails), a betta, a bolivian ram and some other species. I've accidentally bred the cardinals and diamonds, but plan to breed them properly in the future. I have three tanks, a 3ft, 6ft and 20gallon (which is connected to the 6ft so they share water). Cheers, Stewart
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